Get Pregnant Naturally

Get Pregnant Naturally
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eggplant Frittata

Posted by Chantel Martiromo
Recipe attributed to Everyday Italian by Jean Pare and Sophia De Luca (Original series), Publisher Company's Coming.You can view their website

Frittatas are the Italian version of omelettes - except they aren't folded and they generally finish cooking under a broiler. This version includes plenty of Italian flavours from eggplant, red pepper and seasoning.
Cooking oil 2tsp. 10mL
Finely chopped peeled eggplant 11/2 cups 375 ml
Dried oregano 1/4tsp. 1mL
Large eggs 8 8
Finely chopped roasted red pepper 1/4 cup 60mL
Sliced green onion 2tbsp. 30mL
Garlic powder 1/4tsp. 2mL
Pepper 1/4tsp. 1mL
Heat cooking oil in large non-sticking frying pan on medium. Add eggplant and oregano. Cook for about 4 minutes, stirring occasionally, until eggplant is softened
Whisk remaining 6 ingredients in medium bowl. Pour over eggplant mixture. Reduce heat to medium-low, covered, for about 8 minutes until bottom is golden and top is almost set. Broil on centre rack oven for about 3 minutes until set. Cut into 6 wedges.
Tip: when baking or broiling food in a frying pan with a handle that isn't ovenproof. Wrap the handle in foil and keep it to the front of the oven, away from the element.

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