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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Menstrual Cycle: Treatments of Excessive Heat Cause of High BBT in Yin Phase of Menstrual Cycle

Excessive heat in traditional Chinese medicine, is defined as condition of kidney yin deficiency causes of the rise of liver heat due to insufficiency of moister distribution or/and excessive yang or not enough yin in the body caused by spleen's inability in absorbing food qi from the stomach or/and intake of hot and spicy.
Since the yin phrase is dominated by yin with subordinated yang, not enough fluid in the body can cause the rise of liver heat, thus increasing BBT temperature in this phase

I. Symptoms
1. Tongue is purple with redder tip with crack
2. Hot flashes and night sweats
3. Insomnia,
4. Sharp pain in the liver area
5. Scanty dark urine
II. Causes
1. Kidney yin deficiency
Kidney yin deficiency is normally caused spleen qi deficiency due to prolong period of eating of spicy and hot foods, working in hot environment, leading to yin deficiency and dryness in the body that afflict the BBT temperature.

2. Intake of oily and greasy foods
Oily and greasy foods are yang in nature, prolonged period intake of these kinds of food cause the excessive yang that distorts the kidney function in fluid distribution, leading to the raising of BBT temperature in the yin phase.

3. Liver qi Stagnation
Liver qi stagnation is caused deficiency of spleen in transporting the qi essence to the lung and liver.

4. Liver blood deficiency
Liver blood stagnation is normally caused by liver qi stagnation, leading to increasing of heat as qi has to push harder to move blood in the blood vessels.

III. Treatments
1. Herbs
a) Gastrodia Root (Tian ma)
The neutral herbs has been used for liver channel in liver calming liver and clearing liver heat.
b) Gambir Vine Stem (Gouteng)
It works well for symptoms of liver heat, ascends yang, headache, irritable, red eyes and dizziness.
c) Abolone Shell (Shijueming)
The cold herb has been used to drains liver fire, ascending yang – headache, dizziness, red eyes caused by liver heat and kidney yin deficiency.
d) Jasmine (Zhizi)
The cold herb is good in clearing heat, treating irritable, restlessness and insomnia.
e) Baikal Scullcap (Huangqin)
it has been used to clear liver yang rising, liver heat, treat headache, irritability, red eyes.

2. Acupuncture
Suggested acupuncture points
BL13 (Feishu), GB34 (Yanlingquan), LI2 (Erjian) LI3(Sanjian), LV2 (Xinjiang), LV3 (taichong), and LU5 (Chize)

3. Foods
a) Tofu
b) Pearl Barley
c) Papaya
d) Cucumber
e) Banana
f) Etc.
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