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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Women Health: Endometriosis - The health effects of Vitamin B12

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During the last stage of the menstrual cycle, normally a layer of endometriosis lining on the inside of the uterus is expelled, known as menstruation blood, instead some of the endometriosis tissues grow somewhere in the body to cause endometriosis. Endometriosis also react to hormone signals of the monthly menstrual cycle, by building and breaking up tissues and eliminating them through menstrual period.

The health effects of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin and a member of vitamin B complex, played an important role in treating women with endometriosis, such as reducing symptoms of endometriosis during menstrual cycle, maintaining protein and fat metabolism, avoiding iron deficiency, etc.
1. Anemia(1)(2)
Women with endometriosis are found to have low levels of vitamin B12 during menstrual cycle for what ever reason. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 deceases the production of red blood cell in the blood stream causing depletion of levels of iron in the blood leading to anemia(3).

2. Nervous system(5)
Vitamin B12 is vital for protein and fat synthesis that helps to strengthen the function of nervous system resulting in lessening the nervous tension such as irritation, loss of memory, depression and mood swing(3)(4).

3. Insomnia(6) and fatigue(7)(8)
Besides helping in protein and fat synthesis, vitamin B12 also play an important role in carbohydrate metabolism that helps to provide energy for our body function and aids in insomnia and fatigue.

4. Immune system(9)(10)
Liver required vitamin B12 to function properly, deficiency of vitamin B12 causes enlarged liver resulting in decreasing the function of liver in fighting against environment toxins leading to high levels of bad estrogen in the body resulting in menstrual cramps for women with endometriosis.

5. Cell abnormality(11)
Vitamin B12 is vital for the synthesis of DNA. Deficiency of vitamin B12 increases the risk of abnormal cell growth in the body such as endometrial cells growing somewhere else in the abdomen.

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