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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Body weight at age 20 years and breast cancer risk

Posted by Chantel M. Research contributed by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
The prevalence of childbearing age obesity is wide spreading in US, approximately, 50% of them are either overweight [body mass index (BMI) 25-29.9 kg/m(2)] or obese (BMI ≥ 30 kg/m(2)).
Body weight at age 20 years and  breast cancer risk
Many studies have investigated the association between BMI at age 20 years (BMI20y) and breast cancer risk with consideration to estrogen/progesterone receptor status (ER/PR). In the study to investigate the the association between BMI20y and ER/PR-defined breast cancer risk among 41,594 women in the population-based Japan Public Health Center, posted in PubMed, showed that BMI and subsequent BMI gain were not associated with increased risk among premenopausal women, but were substantially associated with increased risk among postmenopausal women [corresponding RR(recent BMI)=1.31 (95%CI=1.07-1.59); RR(subsequent BMI gain)=1.32 (95%CI=1.09-1.60)]. In subanalyses by receptor status (∼50% of cases), the observed inverse association of BMI20y with risk was consistent with the result for ER-PR- [0.49 (95%CI=0.27-0.88)], while the observed positive associations of BMI gain with postmenopausal breast cancer risk appeared to be confined to ER+PR+ tumors [corresponding RR(for subsequent BMI gain)=2.24 (95%CI=1.50-3.34)]. Low BMI at age 20 years was substantially associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. In contrast, high recent BMI and subsequent BMI gain from age 20 were associated with increased risk of postmenopausal ER+PR+ tumors.

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