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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Authentic MaPo Tofu

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MaPo Tofu features for its spicy, hot, fresh, fragrant, tender. Eating Tofu (bean curd) products benefit the heart cerebral sufferers and most people living with diabetes. Please keep in mind that the people with gout should not eat the Tofu products very often. Mapo Tofu is just a dish which made of Tofu. How to cook this kind of Mapo Tofu? In this article, I would like to offer the details on how to cook the authentic Mapo Tofu.
The material used for this dish includes: soft Tofu, Chinese red peppercorn, Pixian County Bean Paste, diced beef, diced spring onion, garlic and ginger, MSG, starch water.
For authentic dish you need authentic material.
For soft Tofu: you need the gesso Tofu, Tofu should never too soft.
Pixian County Bean Paste: This brand Bean Paste is especially made for Szechwan cuisine, if it is no available you can buy it from Amazon, Lee Kum Kee Chili Bean Sauce is the similar product.
Chinese Red Pepper: peppercorn, not the pepper powder
Step 1: Stir fry the pepper: you should never put the oil into the pot and just put the peppercorns into the pot directly and use the heat to fry them. Why not mix the peppercorn with oil, if you put the oil to stir fry the peppercorns and they would become stick. Later we just dry the peppercorns and beat them into powder. So in this step just stir fry the peppercorns with nothing and remove them when the fragrance comes out of them.
Step 2: Prepare Pixian County Bean Paste. Cut the bean paste into small piece.
Step3: Prepare the Tofu. Firstly you should cut off the aged edge which is not soft enough. Cut the Tofu into 2cm cube. Then blanch the Tofu in the hot salt water to remove the raw taste of Tofu and also the Tofu would become soft and strength. When there is some foam on the water, then you can stop the blanch process. When remove the Tofu from the pot, please use the shovel and do not use slotted ladle. Move the Tofu into the plate so that the Tofu is prepared.
Step 4:The material is ready for cooking.Please pay attention to the step order and you should never disorder them since the taste would be significantly affected by the step disorder. First you should put some plant oil into pot, put prepared Pixian County Bean Paste into the pot and mixed them. When the mixture of oil and Tofu becomes red it is time to put the diced beef into pot. The diced beef must be well done.
Step 5: Pour the diced spring onion, garlic and ginger. You should never pour them earlier since they are easy to stick the pot in you put them earlier. Mix them evenly.
Step 6: Finally, put prepared Tofu into the pot. After putting the Tofu, pour some cooking wine onto them. Next you should pour the soy sauce, sugar one after another (the source of fresh).
Step 7: Cover the pot for 2 to 3 minutes with small heat. After opening the cover, pour some pepper powder onto them. Then pour some MSG powder into the pot. Next is to heat the food in big fire for tens of seconds. At the same time, join water starch, for this point please pour you water starch around the pot edge.
Step 8: Pour some red pepper powder onto the dish if you like.
The authentic Szechuan cuisine is too complicated for many people but you will never get its authentic taste without great efforts.
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