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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Cook Crispy Tofu

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Tofu is a healthy source of protein that is essential to a healthy lower cholesterol diet. However, as most people know tofu is a lumpy, moist substance. When its raw it tastes and feels like you are biting into goo.
Don't get me wrong. Tofu also tastes great but, you have to learn how to cook it properly. Learning how to cook crispy tofu is not that challenging but, it is rewarding. In fact today for lunch I cooked up a stir fry with green peppers, onions, a spicy sauce, and crispy tofu.
One of the tricks to creating a crispy tofu is to get rid of the water. By slicing it into small pieces you can then lay them flat on a paper towel and press gently from the top with another paper towel. These will absorb the moisture from the food. Now once it is cooked it will have a crisper texture.
Another method to remove the water that I have started to use to get rid of water is by cooking in the oven. I usually will turn the oven up to about 200 to 250 degrees or so and lay all the sliced sections of tofu on a pan. Remember that when slicing it is important to make the pieces as thin as you possibly can. I put them in the oven while I am prepping the vegetables or any other parts of the meal. I then pull the tofu out of the oven and begin the next stage of cooking it.
Some people will choose to put bread crumbs on their meal. I don't usually do that but before I finish cooking the tofu I do place flour on it. This helps absorb a little more water and its great for when you start frying.
The last stage to cooking the crispy tofu is to fry it. I always use olive oil because I love the taste and it is healthy. However, I still only use a few tablespoons. I put the heat on high and place as many pieces as i can fit on the stove. As they start to golden on the bottom I will flip them, just like you would if you were cooking a pancake. I make sure I flip them and let them cook evenly on both sides. This is the step where you realize how important it is to have sliced each piece thin. The tofu doesn't cook evenly all the time so, if you have a thick piece then you will end up with a soft inside.
After you cook each piece, simply mix with the sauce and veggies, then serve.
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