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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hip circumference and the risk of premenopausal ER-/PR- breast cancer

Posted by Chantel M. Research contributed by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

The prevalence of childbearing age obesity is wide spreading in US, approximately, 50% of them are either overweight [body mass index (BMI) 25-29.9 kg/m(2)] or obese (BMI ≥ 30 kg/m(2)).
Hip circumference and the risk of premenopausal ER-/PR- breast cancer
In the study using data from the French E3N longitudinal prospective cohort, to evaluate the relationship between hip and waist circumferences (HCs, WCs), waist-to-hip ratio, height, weight and body mass index (BMI) and breast cancer risk according to menopausal status of women and cancer hormone receptor status, by the Center for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health, posted in PubMed, found that among postmenopausal women, the risk of ER+/PR+ breast cancer increased with increasing weight, BMI, and both HCs and WCs, although these two associations disappeared after adjustment for BMI. No association was seen with ER-/PR- breast cancers. Among premenopausal women, among the different factors studied, HC only (no association was observed for any of the different factors studied except for HC) was associated with an increased risk of ER+/PR+ breast cancer after adjustment for BMI (hazard ratio (HR)=1.65; (1.04-2.62) when comparing the highest to lowest tertile; P-trend across tertiles=0.03) and of ER-/PR- breast cancer both before and after adjustment for BMI (HR=2.85 (1.33-6.13); P-trend <0.01, and HR=3.13 (1.19-8.27) P-trend =0.02, respectively). In the latter group, the association with HC was observed whatever the WC (HR=2.81 (1.18-6.70) and HR=2.79 (1.16-6.76) in women with high HC/low WC and high HC/high WC, respectively).

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