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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Women Health: Cancer of Endometrium/Endometrial Cancer Chinese Herbal Treatments - Dong Ling Cao

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             Cancer of Endometrium/Endometrial Cancer

Endometrium is the inner lining of the mammalian uterus and very susceptible hormone change, particular to menstrual cycle. Endometrial cancer is a late adulthood cancer defined as a condition of which the cells of the endometrial lining of uterus have growth uncontrollable or become cancerous as a result of the alternation of cells DNA. It's the fourth most common cancer among women overall, after breast cancer, lung cancer, and bowel cancer.

                      The Chinese Herbal Treatments -  Dong Ling Cao

Gong ling Cao is also known as blushred rabdosia. The sweet, bitter and cold herb has been used in TCM to treat chronic bronchitis, chronic inflammation of the pelvic area, swelling of throat, insect bites and snake bites as it clears heat and toxins, nourish yin, remove blood stasis and relieves pain by enhancing the functions of stomach, lung and liver channels. In vitro, researcher found that Gong ling Cao has cytotxicity activity against CaEs-17 human esophageal cancer cell line, at 2 and 3ug/ml, the inhibiting rates were 40% and 75%. Can it be used effective against endometrial cancer? Further studies is needed.
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