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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Friday, July 6, 2018

Menstrual Cycle: Treatments of Painful Ovulation Caused By Blood Stagnation in The Ovulation Phase of Menstrual Cycle

Painful ovulation is defined as a condition of blood and qi can not move freely due to liver qi and blood deficiency, as liver is the primary organ in preparing for the transferring of the yin to yang for the start of the yang phrase of menstrual cycle. Women feel cramps and pain in the ovulation phrase in the left or right side of the abdomen can be caused by either qi or blood stagnation or both.

I. Causes

A) In conventional medicine, painful ovulation is defined as a condition caused by a small leakage of blood from the ovary occurring at the time of ovulation, leading to irritation of the abdominal wall resulting in cramps and pain in either left or right side of the abdomen depending to which side of ovaries is responsible for the development of follicles.

B) In tradition Chinese medicine, painful ovulation is caused by
1. Kidney function in fluid distribution
Intake of hot and spicy causes dryness in the kidney fluid that interferes with kidney function in distributing fluid to the liver to form blood, leading to blood stasis.

2. Kidney yin deficiency
Kidney yin is required to surge for stimulate the ovaries in follicle production in this phrase, if there is not enough yin, it may cause ovulation delay, leading to painful ovulation.

3. Liver qi stagnation
Liver qi is important to transport the liver blood to heart and helps to move blood in the circulatory system, If qi is stasis, it may not move blood smoothly, leading to sharp cramps and pain. In the other case, if qi move to fast, it may cause breaking off some small vessels in the ovaries, leading to cramps and pain.

4. Liver blood stagnation
If liver blood is stasis caused by the inability of liver qi in moving blood in the small vessels in the ovaries or liver' inability in blood formation, it may cause cramps and pain.

II. Treatments
A) With Chinese herbs
1. Dan shen (Salvia root)
The cool herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine in invigorating blood, breaking up blood stasis by soothing the heart and liver channels.

2. Wu ling zhi (Flying squirrel feces)
This warm herb has been used in invigorating blood in upper body channels.

3. Hong hua (Safflower flower)
Hong hua is a blood tonic herb which has been used to strengthen the liver and heart channels by
invigorating blood and dispelling blood stasis.

4. Chuan xiong ( Rhizom Chuanxiong
This herb has been used in history of traditional Chinese medicine in invigorating blood and promoting movement of qi.

5. Tao ren (Peach seed)
It has been used to sooth the liver, heart and lung channels by invigorating blood, removing stasis caused by qi stagnation.

6. Etc.

B) With acupuncture
The acupuncture points of suggestion
1. Sp6 (San yin jiao)
2, Sp8 (Di ji)
3. Sp10 (Xue hai)
4. UB17 (Ge shu)
5. UB40 (Weizhong)
6. ST36 (Zu san li)
7. Etc.

C) Diet
1. Red wine
2. Mutton,
3. Snake,
4. Chinese wolf berry
5. Beef,
6. Red dates
7. Black bean
8. Etc.
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