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Monday, July 24, 2017

Most of Common Types Women Cancer: Bowel Cancer Treatments - Surgery and colostomy

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              Bowel cancer

Bowel cancer also known as colorectal cancer, is defined as a condition of the abnormal proliferation of cells in the colon, rectum, or vermiform appendix. Bowl is divided in 2 parts, the first part of the bowel, the small bowl, is involved with the digestion and absorption of food. The 2nd part, the large bowel which consist the the colon and rectum, is involved in absorption of water from the small bowel contents and broken down of certain materials in the feces into substances of which some of them to be re absorbed and reused by the body. Bowel cancer is relatively very common and slowly growing and progress cancer and in predictable way.
Bowel cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in developed countries, particular to women age 50 or older.


Treatments are depended totally in the stage and grade of the cancer of each patient. If the cancer is only limited to the mucosa such as a single layer of epithelial cells, a layer of connective tissue, and a thin muscle layer, than it can be cured in most cases. If the cancer have spread through the muscular layer of the bowel or the lymph note, the curable rate is lower. If the cancer has spread to other organs, the curable rate are even lower. Grade of the cancer is calculated dependently to how aggressive the cancer is.

                        Surgery and colostomy
a. Surgery
Types of surgery is depending to the stage, grade and position of the tumor needed to remove, and surgery with complete removal of the cancer offers the best chance to cure the disease.
b. colostomies
A colostomy is surgery to prevent the leakage of bowel content by diverting them away from the weaken part of bowel to prevent damage and infection after surgery to allow them to heal properly because of damage of bowel due to tumor removals to provide an alternative channel for feces to leave the body. After the weaken parts of bowel is recovered, further surgery is required to reconnect the bowel and close the colostomy.
Unfortunately, if the tumor is very close to the anus, bowel can not reconnected safely or in the late stage of the cancer, a permanent colostomy is required and small bowel is diverted to the surface.


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