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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Most Common Types of Women Cancer: Skin cancers(Excluding Melanoma) - Treatments In Conventional Medicine - Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

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                             Skin cancer

Skin cancer is a medical condition of uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells and often detected at an early stage.

                                       Skin cancers(Excluding Melanoma)

1. Basal cell cancer
It is the most common type of skin cancer as a result of abnormal growth of the cells in the lowest layer of the epidermis. The cancer rarely spread and kill but can cause significant destruction and disfigurement to the affected skin area and accounted for more than 90% of all skin cancer in the U.S.
2. Squamous cell cancer
It arises from the uncontrolled multiplication of transformed malignant cells in the middle layer of the epidermis.

Treatments In Conventional Medicine  - Photodynamic therapy (PDT) 

a. PDT is a type of treatment generally used to eradicate malignant and early-stage cancer and reduce the tumor size in end-stage cancers. In skin cancer, PDT destroys skin cancer cells with a combination of laser light and drugs that make cancer cells sensitive to light. Patient will need to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight for a period of six weeks.
b. Side effects
b.1. Swelling
b.2. Nausea
b.3. Vomiting
b.4. Etc.


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