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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Menstrual Disorder: Menorrhagia - Causes and Risk factors of Primary Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is defined as a condition of excessive bleeding in the menstruation phase of the menstrual cycle in the reproductive age of a woman leading to heavy blood loss that can interfere with the woman normal activities, as a result of disruption of normal hormonal regulation of periods or disorders of certain reproductive organs.

Causes and Risk factors of Primary Menorrhagia
1. Age
Girl in their first 2 years of menstruation may be experience the adnominal cramps and pain and heavt period as a result of the immature of the reproductive organs.

2. Increase arachidonic acid in endometrium
High amount of polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid may results in overproduction of the family2 series of eicosanoid, elading to thickening of endometrium, dilation of blood vessels. 

3. Hormone imbalance that prevent ovulation
Stress, infection, imbalance of neurotransmitter, under weight and accumulated toxic chemical may interfere with production of certain hormone which can disrupt ovulation and case menorrhagia. 

3. Vitamin A deficiency
Vitamin A, an antioxidant enhances the body immune system fighting the against the forming of free radicals to protect the normal cell reproduction and against damage. Deficiency of vitamin A is one of the factor for women who were experience heavy menstrual bleeding. 

4. Bleeding or platelet disorders
Abnormal process by which blood forms clots (coagulation) to prevent blood loss during menstruation can lead menorrhagia. 

5. Excess toxicity
Excessive toxibody may be resulted in heavy period as a result of the body of trying to remove toxins through the blood. 

6. Vitamin K deficiency
Vitamin K is blood coagulation. Normally produced by bacteria in the intestine, women with intestine diseases may not produce enough vitamin K to stop the heavy flowing of blood during menstruation. 

7. Anemia
Women with the type of anemia having red blood cells breaking down faster than normal people, may also have heavy flowing of blood during menstruation caused by regular blood flow and breaking off of red blood cells thereby, reducing the coagulation function. 

8. Stress
Women who cannot adjust to events in life that are stressful, or seem to be stressful in their mind causes hormone imbalance resulting in overproduction of either estrogen or progesterone.

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