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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Menstrual Cycle: Treatments of Liver Qi Stagnation Causes in Ovulation Phase of Menstrual Cycle

Many women are experience menstrual cramps and pain either on the left or the right of the abdomen, it is due to liver qi or blood stagnation disturbing the development of follicles in the ovaries. 

The cramps and pain can be reduced or avoid by adjusting the daily diet, life style or with the help of Chinese herbs.

I. Symptoms of liver qi stagnation
1. Pain or discomfort anywhere along the sides of the body, including abdomen cramps and pain
2. Depression
3. Nervous tension Including mood swings, emotional and physical stress and frustration
4. Hiccups
5. Unreasonable anger
6. Difficulty swallowing
7. Premenstrual syndrome
8. Swollen breasts
9. Irregular period
10. Painful periods
11. Etc.

II. Causes
1. Spleen qi deficiency
Spleen is important in distributing and formating food qi and essence to the body. If for what ever reason, it can not perform its function due to intake of oilly and greasy or cold and raw foods or injure, its qi will disturb. For example, intake of oilly and greasy foods cause uncontrollable spleen qi and raw and cold foods cause weakened spleen qi.

2. Lung qi deficiency
Lung is vital in distributing qi to the entire body. As it receives the qi from spleen combining with the qi from the air, it nourishes the body and skin. If the lung qi is weaken, it can not perform its function and affect the function of liver in moving qi through its channels.

3. Sluggish liver
Liver can be damaged caused by prolonged drinking alcohol or toxin accumulated in the body or the inability of spleen and lung qi distribution. If for what ever reason, liver can not move the qi through its channel that affects the ovaries in responding to follicle production, leading to ovulation phase abdomen cramps and pain.

4. Stomach deficiency
If stomach is malfunction caused by intake of hot, spicy, cold and raw food, it can reduce its function in producing food qi and essence for the spleen. leading to domino effects.

III. Treatment
1. With Chinese herbs
a) Chai Hu (Buplerum)
The cool herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine in treating menstrual disorder ( including cramps and pain), chest pain and bloating caused by liver qi stagnation and spleen and stomach deficiency.

b) Bai shao (White peony root)
Bai shao has been used in nourishing blood, regulating menses due to blood deficiency caused by liver qi deficiency and alleviating pain.

c) Zhi ke (Bitter Orange Peel)
It is one of best herb used to move qi and reduce distention with deficiency by nourishing kidney and spleen.

d) Chuan qiong (Lovage root )
This herb is special good in invigorating blood, promoting qi flow, treating irregular period and painful period by tonifying liver, gallbladder.

e) Xiang fu (Nut grass )
Xiang fu is one of the herbs used to sooth and regulate qi, especially for liver qi deficiency, reduce abdmen cramps and pain caused irregular menses.

2. With acupuncture
Suggested acpouncture points
a) BL18 (Ganshu)
b) CV12 (Zhonguan)
c) CV17 (Shan zhong)
d) LR3 (Taichong)
e) SP4 (Gongsun)
f) ST36 (Zusanli)
g) LI4 (Hegu)
h) Etc.

3 With Diet
a) Chicken
c) Squash
4) Red and black date
5) Sweet potato
6) Garlic
7) Ginger
8. Etc.
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