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Friday, December 28, 2018

How to Protect Your Stomach Against Onset of Atrophic Gastritis and Gastric Cancer

Scientists may have found a whole food which has a unique function in protecting the stomach against the onset of atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer, some studies suggested.

Atrophic gastritis is a condition of loss of gastric glandular cells caused by long-term inflammation of the stomach mucous membrane (mucosa).

Loss of the gastric glandular cells in the long term eventually is replaced by intestinal and fibrous tissues.

Gastric cancer is a medical condition characterized by irregular and uncontrollable cell growth in the stomach lining in the beginning. At the advanced stage, the malignant cells can travel a distance away through blood and fluid circulation to infect other healthy tissue and organs.

Researchers do not know why some people with the same health condition are susceptible to the risk of gastric cancer, while others do not. The exact causes of gastric cancer are also unknown. However, some researchers suggested that Age, diet, and stomach disease, such as can increase the risk of developing gastric cancer.

Both atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer share the common symptoms of stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite,... and indigestion. However, common symptoms of unexpected weight loss and stomach ulcers can only be found in gastric cancer while iron deficiency anemia is found in the majority of patients with atrophic gastritis.

If you experience some of the above symptoms, please see your doctor to rule out gastric cancer possibility.

Celery is a species of Apium graveolens, belongings to the family Apiaceae, cultivated all around the globe as a vegetable.

Celery can grow to 1/2 m tall with stalks (leaf on the top) arranging in a conical shape joined at a common base.

In vitro, with an aim to find the natural ingredient from food sources for treatment of atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer without inducing adverse effects, researchers conducted an experiment, including 5-8 week-old Mongolian gerbils inoculated with Helicobacter pylori for four weeks without (atrophic gastritis group) or with N'-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitroso-guanidine (MNNG) (gastric cancer group) in drinking water, and were then rested for two weeks.

During the 7th-32th (atrophic gastritis group) or the 7th-52th (gastric cancer group) weeks were given various doses (0-60 mg/kgbw/day) of apigenin, a major bioactive compound isolated from celery.

Observation at the end of the 32th (atrophic gastritis group) or the 52th (atrophic gastritis group) week, after sacrificing, researchers found that
*Application of Apigenin at the doses range from 30-60 mg/kgbw/day effectively decreased atrophic gastritis (atrophic gastritis group) and dysplasia/gastric cancer (gastric cancer group).

* Apigenin treatment (60 mg/kgbw/day) significantly decreased Helicobacter pylori colonization and Helicobacter pylori-induced histological changes of neutrophil and monocyte infiltrations and atrophic gastritis in both atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer.

These results suggested that apigenin isolated from celery processes a remarkable ability to inhibit Helicobacter pylori-induced atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer progression as well as possessing potent anti-gastric cancer activity.

Additionally, the study in finding of natural compound which processes mechanisms of apoptosis in tumor cells for tumor therapy and cancer molecular biology and inhibits loss of cell cycle control, leading to uncontrolled proliferation in healthy cells, suggested that celery seed extract (CSE), in a dose- and time-dependent manner, exhibited anti-proliferation effect on human gastric cancer BGC-823 cells, through cell cycle arrest and apoptosis-related proteins.

Dr. Gao LL, the lead scientist said, at the end of the experiment, "The molecular determinants inhibition of cell proliferation, as well as apoptosis of CSE, may be associated with cycle arrest in the S phase".

Furthermore, Celery seed oil, in benzo[a]pyrene- (BP) induced forestomach cancer in mice, the chemical constituents. 3-n-butylphthalide and sedanolide showed to reduce tumor incidence from 68% to 30% and 11%, and 67% and 83% in tumor multiplicity, respectively.

These results suggest that phthalides, as a class of bioactive natural products occurring in edible umbelliferous plants, may be effective chemopreventive agents for cancer.

Moreover, in the differentiation of the nutritional epidemiology of gastric cancer in 293 cases and neighborhood-, age-, and sex-matched controls in communities throughout the counties of Niagara, Monroe, and Erie in western New York researcher discovered that ingestion of carotene from raw vegetables (including celery, cucumbers, carrots, green peppers, tomatoes, and onions), as well as with the increased use of low-temperature food storage exerts a significant inhibition of oxidation products that could act as carcinogens in the stomach.

Taken altogether, celery whole food and celery seed containing high amounts of bioactive Apigenin and phthalide respectively may be used to prevent and treat atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer without no adverse effects.

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