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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hemorrhagic Cysts

 Posted by Chantel Martiromo,  Article By Kyle J. Norton 

Hemorrhagic cyst is defined as a condition of bleeding within the cyst, causing abdominal pain, flaming and discomfort in the side of ovary where the cyst locates. According to the article posted in Squidoo "Hemmorhagic Cyst is not cancerous" the article indicated that many women thought of the misconception about ovarian cysts, like Hemorrhagic Cyst, that painful ovarian cysts can be cancerous. Ovarian cysts may aggravate but not cancerous. I believe the author were taking about women in their reproductive years instead of after, according to Diana Rodriguez in the article of Do Ovarian Cysts Mean Ovarian Cancer?, as she indicated that but in older women who have gone through menopause — most often those between the ages of 50 and 70 years old — cysts are more likely to be ovarian cancer.

1. In most case, it causes no symptom
2. Swelling may cause discomfort to some women
3. Leaking can cause abdominal cramps and pain
4. Rupture can result in similar symptoms as of ovarian cyst.
5. Discomfort of pelvis, vagina, lower back, if leaks
6. Blood clots that may restrict the normal blood circulation due to blood bleeding in the cyst.
7. Etc.

1. insufficient release of luteinizing hormones (LH) cause of egg attached onto follicles.
2. Cysts are formed as a normal part of the process as it bleeds, it can become hemorrhagic cysts.
3. It can be caused by hormone imbalance in the follicular phase.
4. Etc.

Diagnosis and tests
Ultrasound is one of the most used to document the Hemorrhagic Cysts, following up with monitoring.
Endo-vaginal ultrasound
If you doctor suspects that you may have develop hemorrhagic cysts, he or she may order an Ultrasound to exam your pelvic organs. Hemorrhagic Cysts can be diagnosed based on the images from the ultrasound.

Since most of hemorrhagic cysts are harmless, they do not pose a threat to women's health and Usually, the cyst will dissolve itself. Many doctors suggest to use ultrasonic observation or endovaginal ultrasound to monitor the growth frequently, unless there is absolutely necessary then surgery may be required.
A. Pain killer and Oral contraceptive pills
1. At the same time taking pain killer to relieve pain, oral contraceptive pill may be helpful by
a. Creating a continual pregnancy like state, resulting in relieving menstrual pain
b. Inhibiting the over production of prostaglandins which cause the muscles spam contraction.
c. Stopping or reducing of period blood flow.
g. Shrinking the follicular cysts
e. Etc.

2. Risks and side effects
a. Growth of fibroids
Growth of fibroid is caused high level of estrogen and progesterone. The intake of the pill increases the level of both hormones resulting in increasing the risk of growth of fibroid.
b. Recurrent of menstrual symptoms
Some women stop taking the pill may see all the menstrual symptoms coming back.
c. Blood clots
Estrogen in the pill may cause blood clots in the small vessels in the leg and the lung.
d. Stroke and heart diseases
Study shows that women who have higher natural estrogen levels may have a higher risk of stroke and heart diseases.
e. Depression and mood swing
At the beginning, it may cause abnormal fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone elevate both physical and psychological stress, eventually resulting in both depression and mood swing
f. Bleeding and spotting
Bleeding and spotting is normal for the first six months for women who begin with any oral contraceptive combination pill treatment.
g. Lost of sexual desire
Some women may experience lower sexual desire
h. Etc.

2. Cystectomy
a. If the hemorrhagic cyst is small in size, has caused severe pain and fertility is a concern, cystectomy with a laparoscopic, may be a good choice as it is an effectively surgical treatment.
b. Risks and side effects
Surgical and anesthetic risks

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