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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Smoothie of Vitamin D fortified whole milk, Alpha Lipoic acid (LA) and Orange Juice for Prevention and Treatment of podocyte injury Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

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Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis is scar tissues in the filtering unit of the kidney due to primary glomerular diseases in children and adolescents inducing edema and the loss of protein from the plasma into the urine. The syndrome may result of kidney failure when affected children and adolescents  grow into adulthood. According to Dr. Fogo AB, Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) has a common lesion in progressive kidney disease, and a disease characterized by marked proteinuria and podocyte injury(*).

The smoothie for prevention and treatment of podocyte injury
Yield: 2 servings (about 8 ounces each)
1 cup Vitamin D fortified whole milk
20 mg Alpha Lipoic acid (LA)
1 cup organic orange juice

1. Place all ingredients in a blender and puree about 1 minute
2. Blend on high speed about 1 minute or until the mixture is thick and the ice is well crushed.
3. Serve immediately

The finding of a natural source for treatment of podocyte injury  has been running into many obstacles, many ingredients showed initially with promising result in animal studies have not produced same potentials in large sample size and mutli centers human trials.

Recent studies back by well known institutions proposed, Vitamin D fortified whole milk, Lipoic acid (LA)  and Orange Juice may be the next generation of natural ingredients for prevention and treatment of podocyte injury due to Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

According to the Tokai University School of Medicine, the primary insult of podocyte injury may be short-lived. but the transmission of podocyte injury may form a vicious cycle leading to accelerated pother odocyte deterioration and glomerulosclerosis(1). Vitamin D is a fat-soluble secosteroids found in small amount in few foods, including mushroom may benefit patients of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis caused by podocyte injury(2). According to the Southeast University School of Medicine, vitamin D ameliorated podocyte injury in STZ-induced diabetic rats through down regulated over expression of TRPC6 involved the developed focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)(3).

Lipoic acid (LA), a naturally occurring dithiol compound, has long been known as an essential cofactor for mitochondrial bioenergetic enzymes may also benefits to protect against podocyte injury. According to Anhui Provincial Hospital Affiliated to Anhui Medical University," Anti-inflammation of ALA in vivo and local kidney is implicated in the protection of glomerular Pod injury in patients with type 2 diabetes"(4).
Dr. Lin H and colleagues in the investigation of anti-inflammation of alpha-lipoic acid in type 2 diabetics, suggested that ALA exhibited protection against glomerular podocyte injury in type 2 diabetics through alleviating enhanced OS and strengthening antioxidant ability in vivo(5).

Ascorbic acid also known as vitamin C found abundantly in orange may also exhibit renal podocytes protection effects by increasing antioxidative capacity and ameliorating the renal oxidative stress(6).
According to  L. Rydygier Medical University of Bydgoszcz, vitamin C expressed potential utility of antioxidant vitamins in the protection against the development of diabetic nephropathy (7) induced podocyte injury.

The effectiveness of Vitamin D fortified whole milk, Alpha Lipoic acid (LA) and Orange Juice may serve as cornerstones of pharmaceutical target for further studies in production of a potential medication for reduced risk, complications and treatment of podocyte injurywith little or no adverse effects.

People who are at high risk of podocyte injury in Focal segmental glomerulosclerosisdue should drink no more than 4 servings daily, depending to digestive toleration.

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