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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Developmental effects and health aspects of soy protein isolate, casein, and whey

Posted by Chantel M., research contributed by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health   
According to the study by the University of Arkansas for Medical SciencesSPI accelerated puberty in female rats (p < .05) and WPH delayed puberty in males and females, as compared with CAS (p < .05). Gender differences were also found in gonadectomy-induced steroid responses. Male rats had normal serum T levels, but female rats fed SPI had reduced serum 17beta-estradiol concentrations and a blunted 17beta-estradiol response to ovariectomy, as compared to rats fed CAS or WHP (p < .05). Female rats fed SPI or WHP or treated with genistein had reduced incidence of chemically induced mammary cancers (p < .05) compared to CAS controls, with WHP reducing tumor incidence by as much as 50%, findings that replicate previous results from our laboratory. Together, these results suggest gender-specific differences in development and certain endocrine responses among rats fed diets composed of a single protein source such as those used in infant formulas. Whether similar developmental effects occur in human infants is unknown, but unlikely because (1) most infants do not consume such diets throughout life as these rats did, and (2) no such effects have been reported in millions of American infants fed infant formula containing these proteins. The long-term health consequence implications of early diet exposure to SPI and WPH, such as reduced breast cancer incidence, are likely to be very positive. posted in PubMed,

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