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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Effects of Banana on Constipation

Banana Banana is the common name of a genus of tropical herbaceous plants. It can grow from 3 to 9 m and belongs to the family of the lily and the orchid.

1. Vitamin B6
2. Vitamin C
3. Fiber
4. Potassium
5. Magnesium
6. Iron7. Etc.

Chemical constituents
1. Sterols
2. 3-Methyl butyl butanoate ester
3. steryl esters
4. Diacylglycerols,
5. SAteryl glucosides,
6. Long-chain fatty alcohols
7. Aromatic compounds
8. Linoleic acid
9. Linolenic acid
10. Oleic acids
11. Lectin
12. Fructooligosaccharides

Constipation is a condition of frequent and hard to pass in bowel movement. According to the right diagnosis, approximately 30 percent of the US population is experience gastrointestinal complaints every year. chronic constipation (CC) study in adult Moscow population in 1189 randomly selected subjects, showed statistical significant of 34.3% subjects affected by the disease, 16.5% had CC according to Rome III criteria. Females have a significantly higher rate of 2 symptoms of constipation(1). Fructooligosaccharides, a chemical compound found abundantly in banana, in a study by the University of Murcia, showed to increase fecal bolus and the frequency of depositions, with a dose of 4-15 g/day given to healthy subjects(2). Unfortunately, its seeds may induce constipation,(3) especially when they are consuming in empty stomach, according to 1SFE Medical Project, Luang Namtha(4).

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