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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Skin Rash in Pregnancy - Papular Dermatitis of Pregnancy

Posted by Chantel Martiromo,  Article By Kyle J. Norton

Skin rash is defined as a condition of skin change of the color and appearance and can be localized or affected the whole body. Skin rashes during pregnancy can be normal or abnormal, in some cases it can have a negative health affects to the mother and fetus. If you are experience certain itching with or without rash, please consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

There are some common types of skin rash in pregnancy, including
Papular Dermatitis of Pregnancy
a. Papular Dermatitis of Pregnancy is a rare pruritic eruption of widespread urticarialike papules and defined as a condition of abnormal blood clot in pregnancy, as result of low levels of cortisol and estrogen levels and chorionic gonadotropin elevation levels produced by produced by the pituitary gland. Approximately, it affects one in every 300 pregnant women.

b. Symptoms
b.1. Raised Red spot with crust cover
b.2. Affects mostly pregnant women in the third trimester of her second pregnancy.
b.3. Elevation of the levels of Urine chorionic gonadotropin (UCG).
b.4. Rash all over the body.
b.5. It is is a rare pruritic eruption of widespread urticarialike papules, spots continue to appear until delivery.
b.6. Very itchy
b.7. Etc.

c. Causes and risk factors
The causes of Papular Dermatitis of Pregnancy is a result of hormonal imbalance of elevated levels of chorionic gonadotropin, and lower levels of estrogen and cortisol.

d. Treatments
In a study of Papular dermatitis of pregnancy by Michaud RM, Jacobson D, Dahl MV., researchers found that high doses of systemically administered corticosteroids controlled the disease, but papules developed in increased numbers when the dosage was reduced below 80 mg/day. After parturition, widely scattered papules of similar morphology developed in the patient; these persisted for 11 months despite the absence of retained placental fragments and normal findings from UCG determinations. New papules continued to develop premenstrually, suggesting an influence of normal pituitary gonadotropic hormones or other aggravating humoral factors on the eruption.
According to another study of Papular dermatitis of pregnancy by Pruett KA, Kim R. researcher found that These lesions may occur at any time during the pregnancy and may be associated with increased fetal wastage. The response to corticosteroids is prompt and gratifying to the patient and the physician. Therapeutic doses of prednisone have not been associated with increased fetal loss. The etiology of the condition is unknown and it may recur with subsequent pregnancies.

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