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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weight Loss Secret Weapon - Soy Protein Shakes

How often on a diet is the choice of foods for a meal rather difficult as you fight your craving in trying to decide what food to prepare that will taste good and not have too many calories or carbohydrates? And often you know that if you have prepare a meal you like you'll be tempted to eat too much of it and then it won't be a reasonable meal that will help your weight loss?
Being able to replace 2 meals a day with a quick soy protein shake will avoid that temptation for two meals. And you can prepare a protein shake in just a couple minutes.
You can prepare a shake in a few various ways:
  • A common way is to use a blender and first put in 8 oz of nonfat milk, or soy milk, or juice. Be sure to watch the calories on the juices as some juices have a high natural sugar content that can be high in calories. Then you can add 2 Tablespoons of Herbalife formula 1 soy protein powder. You can add ice cubes for more consistency and for it to be cold drink. And then add your choice of fruit and/or extracts to make a tasty protein shake.
  • Another way to make it just in juice by adding 2 tablespoons into 6 or 8 ounces of fruit juice. A popular way is to blend the soy protein powder into orange juice for an easy delicious meal.
  • Simple yogurt smoothie is just simply a the small yogurt containers you buy at the grocery store. Then just simply eat one bite plain to have room in the yogurt cup to add the Herbalife formula 1 soy protein powder, and stir. Is that easy? Or what? I especially like this one as it does not dirty a single dish or glass. For this yogurt smoothie you could keep plastic spoons and a small 'carry with you' container of soy protein powder in your purse, in your car, or in your desk drawer at work to be able to make this "on the go".
The smoothie method for weight loss has one other big advantage. Because you are replacing two meals a day with soy protein shakes (or smoothies), you only have to face the "food choice temptation" for one meal a day.
Enjoy - and drink to your health (drink shakes, that is)
Here are some pictures you can copy and use for your motivation: [] And Your weight loss can be made easier with soy protein shakes by Herbalife and you can find a variety of Shake Recipes at smoothie protein shake recipes [] for a simple solution to replace one or two meals a day. Once you know that you love the Herbalife products, you can register to save 25% or more with the Herbalife Discount at Herbalife Discount []
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