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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Soy Milk Protein - An Alternative Protein Source

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Walking past the local health store and you will immediately spot a whole row of whey protein products. Whey protein is high quality protein that is extracted from milk. It is the best known protein source among professional athletes and bodybuilders. But what if whey protein just isn't suitable for you? Do you have other alternatives?
Fortunately, there is another great option - soy milk protein. Soy milk contains huge amounts of protein. It is cheap and readily available in restaurants and supermarkets.
Professional sports people consume whey protein because they workout 5 times a week. Therefore, they need high quality protein to aid in muscle growth and recovery. They need to continue training the next day. However, for the man on the street, consuming such high end protein just isn't practical.
Just take a peek at the price tag of premium protein powders the next time you walk into a health supplement store. You may end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually just on protein powder alone.
For this reason, soy protein comes as a highly recommended alternative. Results released by the FDA show that those who take plant protein on a regular basis tend to live healthier lifestyles, and they are less likely to encounter heart diseases.
Lots of research has been done on soy protein. A long time ago, soy isolate (high quality protein extracts) are only used in industrial applications. They are added to foods and other supplements to boost the nutritional value of the products. It wasn't until the late 1990s that this wonderful plant protein is introduced to the general public.
Sports nutrition companies immediately recognized potential and started developing soy based protein powders. The powder dissolved instantly when it comes into contact with water. Hence, it's convenient to prepare and consume the drinks on a daily basis.
They even come in popular flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Chocolate is the most popular flavor among young children and teenagers. Vanilla is a flavor that is popular among all ages.
The natural taste of soy is very different from whey protein. But this taste has been proven to be easily accepted by most people. In fact, the powder may even be mixed with daily food. To do that, buy unflavored protein powder. Such powder will not alter the intended taste of the dishes. You need not be aware of the presence of the powder, and yet you can enjoy the full benefits.
Soy milk is also great for homemade protein shakes. If you don't want to spend money buying expensive powder, just follow this recipe.
Buy 2 eggs, and a bunch of bananas. Peel the bananas and put them in an air tight ziplock bag. Then store the entire package in the freezer. Once the bananas have been frozen, take out 1 and put it in your drink blender. Add 4 or 5 ice cubes and put in your 2 eggs as well. Then pour a glass of soy milk and blend well. You end up having a great tasting and nutritious frozen drink!
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  1. Make sure that the Soy is not GMO. 90% o Soy in the US is sadly Genetically modified.