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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Healthy Delicious Breakfast Recipes

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Most of us want to prepare nutritious food for our families but time is frequently an issue early morning and we end up compromising on healthy meal. In this article I will lay down some easy but nutritious breakfast ideas that you can easily prepare within ten minutes.
Soy milk and cereals
Soy milk and cereal is a very nutritious blend, particularly soy milk which contains a lot of proteins. Cereals which are devoid of surplus fructose and loaded in fiber are ideal. Try to avoid pre-sweetened cereal. In its place you could surely add up organic sugar over plain cereal.
Whole wheat toast and natural peanut butter
A meal high in fiber and good carbohydrates is best to start the day and whole-wheat toast is one such dish. This dish can be a hit with children as majority of children like butter. Butter that is free of hydrogenated oil is preferred, ex- natural peanut butter. Stir some fresh peanut butter and lay it on toast, include some fruits and you've got a healthy morning meal that is both tasty and easy to prepare.
Yogurt and fruit
Fresh fruits and vanilla yogurt will make for a nutritious and enjoyable breakfast. Thaw a handful of frozen berries in a microwave and drop them on the yogurt. You could also opt to include melons, bananas etc. Sesame seeds and walnuts can be added into the mix.
Breakfast smoothie
If you're not knowledgeable about preparing smoothie and desire to attempt preparing it for the first time you might want a bit of help. Here I am going to show you how one will be able to make it simple and tasty. What you generally require are a few ice cubes, some juice, yogurt and fruits according to your choice and combine it in a blender. If you want to improve the nourishment in the drink then you can even put in a bit of spinach or celery. To make your smoothie more appealing, experiment with different combos of flavors and make your very own variation of smoothie.
Home baked goods
Usually the muffins and donuts that you have for breakfast are not good for you.However don't be depressed. You can dig on the healthy version of muffin recipes. Instead of some fat and sugar you can use apple sauce and wheat flour. Take some time and try bake something healthy for your family. It's a good thought to take in children. They can learn to cook healthy at the same time enjoying munching on their favorite bite.
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