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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Prenatal and infant exposures and age at menarche

Posted by Chantel M. research contributed by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
In the study comprised 33,501 women in the Sister Study who were 35-59 years of age at baseline (2003-2009) to investigate the prenatal and infant exposures in relation to age at menarche in a nationwide cohort of women who have a family history of breast cancer, posted in PubMed, researchers showed that Early menarche (≤10 or 11 years) was associated with having low birth weight, having had a teenage mother, being firstborn, and specific prenatal exposures: mother's smoking, diethylstilbestrol (DES), prepregnancy diabetes, and pregnancy-related hypertensive disorder. Prenatal exposures most strongly associated with very early menarche (≤10 years) were DES (rRR = 1.56 [95% CI = 1.24-1.96]), maternal prepregnancy diabetes (2.24 [1.37-3.68]), and pregnancy-related hypertensive disorder (1.45 [1.18-1.79]). Soy formula was associated with both very early menarche (1.21 [0.94-1.54]) and late menarche (14 years: 1.17 [0.98-1.40] or ≥15 years: 1.28 [1.06-1.56]).

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