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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recipes For Food Allergy Victims - 3 Simple Recipes To Eat Worry Free


The allergy caused by food is an immunologic reaction because of consumption of a type of food protein. Studies have shown that there are almost twelve million Americans who are affected with food allergy.
Tree nuts, fish, peanuts, eggs and shellfish are the most common causes of food allergies to the older section of the people while the younger ones suffer from milk, eggs and peanuts.
Presently, the only cure for allergy sensitive people is to avoid intake of those foods that makes them allergic or the foods that has the allergens. To prevent allergy attacks, one must carefully prepare food which will be taken by people who are allergy sensitive
There are over 200 recipes that you can cook which are free from the allergens.
----Egg free diet
When the immune system over reacts in the body the proteins are ingested from eggs causing food allergy.
You need to prevent yourself while preparing food which has egg, egg substitutes, albumin incase your allergy to eggs. There are many types of substitutes to eggs that you should incorporate while you cook recipes like:
>Warm water with plain gelatin
>Mix of vinegar, liquid and baking powder.
>Puree from apricot
You need to be aware of the quantity of every item prior to the preparation of the above substitutes.
--- Peanut free diet
All different kinds of nut and food which may contain protein in peanuts must be prevented from consumption incase you belong to the category who are allergic to peanuts.
There are quite a lot of peanut free recipes that you could prepare. Examples of the peanut free recipes are:
- Smoothie made from Soy
- Sauce prepared from soy nut
- Soy nut butter cookies
- Ginger soup
- Tofu pie that is made from banana and soy nut
It has been found that Soy nut is the most worth and best substitute while preparing peanut free foods. Nut family doesn?t include soy nut as this term was originated from soybeans which are baked and drenched for a crispier taste.
---Milk free diet
Milk allergy is an allergic response of your immune system when you consume two or more proteins got from cow?s milk.
Incase you are seriously allergic to milk; beverages or foods that contain different varieties of cheese, sour creams, milk and butter needn?t be consumed. Few dairy free recipes that you would like to prepare are
- Grilled salmon
- Potato soup
- Spaghetti without red sauce
- Pecan snack
- Shrimp which is grilled and marinated
You could browse the net if you need more details regarding recipes free from allergies.
The cooking procedure and the ingredients are available in the net. The only strain you need to take is to type the necessary details that you are in search of.
People who are attacked by this allergy could still enjoy delectable delicacies by avoiding those allergens that triggers their allergy. The person who prepares the food should be cautious of the food triggers. They must see to it that it?s not included. Significantly there are a lot of alternative food recipes which you could cook.
Food allergy attacked people don?t find eating a boring task. It does take a lot of resourcefulness and creativity so that you could consume the food that you would like by using different substitutes of food. However, you should still be careful while consuming foods outside as you will be unaware as to when food allergy might attack you.
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