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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Green tea Polyphenols, the Potential Candidate for Treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Scientists Find

Scientists may have found a beverage which processes the ability to protect the central nervous system against the onset of spinal muscular atrophy, some studies suggested.

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a rare neuromuscular disorder affected the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement due to loss of motor neurons and progressive muscle wasting.

The disease is caused by a mutation in the SMN1 gene on chromosome 5. In some cases, the disease is also associated with a mutation in an X-chromosome gene called UBE1 causes X-linked SMA.

Depending on the disease severity, patients with SMA may experience symptoms of muscle weakness and decreased muscle tone, limited mobility, breathing problem, problems eating and swallowing, delayed gross motor skill and the spontaneous tongue movements.

Green tea, a precious drink processes numbers of health benefit known to almost everyone in Asia and Western world.

In the investigation to reexamine, the laboratory-based evidence suggest that purified polyphenol compounds such as resveratrol, found naturally in red grapes, epigallocatechin galate from green tea and curcumin from turmeric, might be useful for the treatment of various inherited neuromuscular diseases, including spinal muscular atrophy, researchers at the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital launched an investigation to evaluate the scientific evidence related to the known molecular effects that these polyphenols have on different models of inherited neuromuscular disease, with particular attention to problems with the validity of in vitro evidence.

Application of polyphenols demonstrated the molecular effects on different models of inherited neuromuscular disease,

Polyphenols, in vitro, exerts a significant effect on cells through metal ion chelation in cell-culture media.

Dr. Fuller HR, the lead author after taking into account co and confounders said, "Polyphenols could be an attractive approach to therapy for the inherited neuromuscular disease, especially since they may be safer to use on young children, compared with some of the other drug candidates".

Additionally, in the assessment of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a major component of green tea polyphenols effect on neuroprotection, researchers at The Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University found that injection of EGCG exerts substantial protection of motor neuron by regulating glutamate level in organotypic culture of rat spinal cord.

Further analysis suggested EGCG blocks the glutamate excitotoxicity caused by threohydroxyaspartate, an inhibitor of glutamate transporter not by its antioxidant activity but other unknown mechanisms. As another antioxidant could not regulate the glutamate level under the same condition in another study.

These results suggested that EGCG may be a potential therapeutic candidate for neurodegenerative diseases involving glutamate excitotoxicity, including SMA.

Taken altogether, green tea purified polyphenols may be considered an adjunct therapy combined with conventional medicine for the treatment of various inherited neuromuscular diseases, including spinal muscular atrophy

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