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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Yoga Therapy In the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Yoga therapy may have a strong impact in reducing the risk of inflammation by significantly decreased expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines, a US university study suggested.

Inflammation is a natural response of the immune system in the stimulation of the production of inflammatory cytokines with an aim to protect our body against infectious agents in the acute phase of bodily injury and tissue damage.

However, in many instances, overexpression of pro-inflammatory cytokines can cause cells death and tissue damage, leading to irreversible organs damage with large scars formation.

For example, overexpression of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the healing of hepatitis virus infection can lead to liver scars.

Furthermore, inflammation that lasts more than 3 months may be considered chronic inflammation, a leading cause of chronic diseases.

Chronic inflammation occurs when the immune system no longer has the ability to kill off all the infectious agents, during the onset of acute infection.

Moreover, chronic inflammation also happens in people with autoimmune disorder. In this case, the immune system attacks the bodily normal healthy tissue, by mistaking them for foreign pathogens that cause disease.

Yoga, the ancient technique for harmonized external and internal body well being, through breath control, meditation, bodily movement, and gesture.....

The practice has been well known for people in the Western world and some parts in Asia due to health benefits reported by various respectable institutes' research and supported by health advocates.

In a randomized controlled 3-month trial conducted with two post-treatment assessments of 200 breast cancer survivors assigned to either 12 weeks of 90-minute twice per week hatha yoga classes or a wait-list control researchers at The Ohio State University showed that
* Yoga demonstrated significantly reduced proteins in the production of pro-inflammatory expression, namely IL-6, TNF-α, and IL-1β in compared to the control group.

* Inflammation induced lower levels of energy also reduced such as fatigue and improved vitality after 3 months of engagement but not at the beginning of the class.

Dr. Kiecolt-Glaser JK, the led author said, "Chronic inflammation may fuel declines in physical function leading to frailty and disability. If yoga dampens or limits both fatigue and inflammation".

Truly, yoga practice calms the central nervous system against the onset of psychological stress which in turn, decrease the production of stress hormones in compromising the immune system.

Yoga practice has a direct impact on the calming of the nervous system, in turn, improves the immune system in the correct differentiation of its response against foreign pathogens. thus, reducing the risk of autoimmune disease and overproduction of inflammatory cytokines in initiating chronic inflammatory diseases.

Other researchers in the concerns of global obesity prevalence and overexpression of tissue and circulating inflammatory biomolecules in these group of the population may cause vascular inflammation and atherogenesis, and subsequently, cardiovascular disease developing postulated that yoga-based lifestyle intervention may be used as a promising option,
* In reducing the weight of obesity that decreases the risk of onset of inflammatory diseases.

* In reducing the risk of chronic diseases as inflammation may be prevented and managed through a change of lifestyle

The study also emphasized that yoga therapy is simple to follow and cost-effective with high compliance. therefore, it may be recommended as a secondary treatment combined with the standard application.

Furthermore, Dr. Sarvottam K, the led author said, "The efficacy of such lifestyle intervention programmes is multifaceted and is achieved via a reduction in weight, obesity-related inflammation on and stress, thereby culminating into risk reduction towards several chronic diseases including CVD".

By bringing back the presence and dealing it in a positive way, long-term yoga participants may choose to improve immune function through the change of diet and lifestyle to combat chronic inflammatory diseases.

More interestingly, in a proposed study of 16 breast cancer survivors with persistent cancer-related fatigue randomized to a 12-week Iyengar yoga intervention (n=16) or a 12-week health education control condition (n=15), researchers indicated that
* Yoga treatment group expressed a reduced production of pro-inflammatory transcription including, nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB), and increased activity of the anti-inflammatory cytokines such as glucocorticoid receptor.... compared to control.

* All inflammatory markers, such as soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor type II (sTNF-RII) were lower in yoga therapy group compared to the increase in the educational group.

Dr. Bower JE the led author opinionated, Yoga participated improved the lower level of energy caused by inflammation-related gene expression in breast cancer survivors with persistent probably through enhancing behavioral and physical health after 12 weeks.

Taking all together, Yoga may be considered as an integrated form of exercise in reduced risk and treatment of inflammation-inducing poor behavioral and physical activities.

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