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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Soy milk as effective as skim milk

 Posted by Chantel M. Contributed by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

In the study of "Preliminary study: soy milk as effective as skim milk in promoting weight loss" by Lukaszuk JM, Luebbers P, Gordon BA., posted in US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, researchers found that there were no anthropometric differences between soy and skim milk groups at baseline. Subjects followed an energy-restricted diet; both groups experienced reductions in kilogram weight (4.27+/-2.05 vs 3.76+/-2.25; P=0.668), body fat percent (1.30+/-1.37 vs 1.87+/-1.45; P=0.464), and abdominal circumference (11.28+/-5.23 vs 8.66+/-2.51; P=0.259) while attenuating losses of fat-free mass (1.12+/-1.29 vs 0.43+/-1.12; P=0.299) during the 8-week study. There were no significant differences in weight, fat percent, abdominal circumference, and fat-free mass between groups. To optimize the weight loss effects of calcium, one can consume 720 mL of either soy milk or skim milk daily.

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