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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Tasty Olive, Cooked Sweet Potato and Almond Milk for Prevention and Treatment of Fibroadenomas

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The smoothie for reduced risk and Treatment of Fibroadenomas
Yield: 2 serving (about 8 ounce each)
1 cups cooked sweet potato
1/2 cup olive
1 cup almond  milk

1. Place all ingredients in a blender and puree about 1 minute
2. Blend on high speed about 1 minute or until the mixture is thick and the ice is well crushed. Add more green tea drink if needed
3. Serve immediately

Fibroadenomas are benign breast tumors composed of fibrous and glandular tissue which occur mostly in women 30 years old or younger. According to statistic, approximately 500,000-700,000 fibroadenomas are removed each year in US alone.

The finding the natural ingredients for treatment of Fibroadenomas is considered as a dream of many scientist to replace the long usage adverse effect of conventional medicine to other organs in the body. Unfortunately, many compounds found effective in initial studying failed to confirm the potential in large sample size and multi center.
Omaga 3 fatty acids found abundantly in olive and almond may be next ingredient used for prevention and treatment of Fibroadenomas. As n-3 fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid (18:3 n-3) and long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are shown to associate to reduced risk of mammary tumor growth and metastasis(3)..
According to the Oregon Health and Science University, Omega 3 fatty acids exhibited a protective effects against benign fibrocystic breast changes and the progression of proliferative changes to breast cancer(1).
Mamoclam, a medicine containing omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, iodine and chlorophyll derivatives, attenuated pain associated with benign breast disease and palpation, according Russian scientists(4).
Vitamin E found abundantly in sweet potato also benefit patients with fibrocystic breast conditions(2). Dr. Ovesen L in the evaluation vitamin therapy of literature said," Evidence from such studies reveals a beneficial therapeutic effect of vitamin E in intermittent claudication and fibrocystic breast disease"(5).

The effectiveness of Olive, Cooked Sweet Potato and Almond Milk may serve as cornerstones of pharmaceutical target for further studies in production of a potential medication for for Reduced Risk and treatment of  Fibroadenomas with little or no adverse effects.

Women who are at increased risk of Fibroadenomas may drink at least one serving daily and women with Fibroadenomas may drink as much as they can, depending to the digestive toleration.
Life style and dietary patter change are recommended.

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