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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Soy and mammographic density

Posted by Chantel M. Contributed by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

In the evaluation of  the association between serum levels of phytoestrogens and MD in postmenopausal women.  269 women, ages 55-70 yr,  received a screening mammogram and had no history of postmenopausal hormone use, posted in PubMed, showed that Genistein and daidzein levels correlated with self-reported soy consumption. Mean percent MD did not differ across women with different phytoestrogen levels. For example, women with nondetectable genistein levels had mean density of 11.0% [95% confidence intervals (CI) = 9.9-12.4], compared to 10.5% (95% CI = 8.0-13.7) and 11.2% (95% CI = 8.7-14.6) for < and ≥median detectable levels, respectively. In a population with relatively low soy intake, serum phytoestrogens were not associated with mammographic density.

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