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Monday, June 3, 2013

Adolescent and adult soy intake and risk of breast cancer in Asian-Americans

Posted by Chantel Martiromo. research contributed by PubMed

In a population-based, case-control study of breast cancer among Chinese, Japanese and Filipino women in Los Angeles County to further investigate the role of soy and to quantify breast cancer risks associated with intake of soy during adolescence and adult life among Asian-American women, posted in PubMed, indicated that The risk of breast cancer was significantly inversely associated with soy intake during adolescence and adult life. After adjusting for age, specific Asian ethnicity, education, migration history and menstrual and reproductive factors, women who reported soy intake at least once per week during adolescence showed a statistically significantly reduced risk of breast cancer. There was also a significant trend of decreasing risk with increasing soy intake during adult life. Soy intake during both adolescence and adult life, subjects who were high-soy consumers during both time periods showed the lowest risk (OR=0.53, 95% CI=0.36-0.78) compared with those who were low consumers during both time periods. Risk of breast cancer was intermediate among subjects who were high-soy consumers during adolescence and low-soy consumers during adult life (OR=0.77, 95% CI=0.51-1.10). Based on a relatively small number of subjects, the risk did not appear to differ between those who were low consumers during adolescence and high consumers during adult life.

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  1. Great information but what type of soy are you talking about: fermented soy as well as soy milk? I understand the latter is not good for our health.