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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Monday, June 24, 2013

What Is Tofu Made Of?

Tofu also called as 'bean curd' is a soy product which is a very nutritional and healthy food. This originated in South-East Asian countries. Till date many people lack knowledge on this product and should read on to know more and start making it a part of the dietary intake.
This is made from soy milk. When milk is curdled, a cheese like product is obtained which tastes bland and this is tofu. This taste makes it suitable for preparing many recipes since it can absorb many flavors.
Fresh or dry soy is soaked in water and then ground to make a paste with a little water. This is then cooked and then strained to obtain soy milk. This is then curdled using coagulants and later it is pressed into soft blocks. The resultant whey is thrown away.
Tofu can be prepared in many ways like steaming, grilling, stir frying, sautéing, or baking. The calorific value of tofu differs based on the type of tofu like:
• Soft: It is more firm than silken variety and feels like Jello.
• Silken: This variety has the most water content in it, but it also has a creamy consistency. This is ideal for soups, spreads and dips. This can also substituted for cream cheese while preparing cheese-cakes.
• Firm: This retains its shape. It can be grilled, stir fried, scrambled, smoked, pickles and so on. Extra firm type of tofu can be used when preparing casseroles or stews.
In the Southeast Asian countries, there are many more types of tofu available, like fermented tofu, fried tofu, flavored tofu and sun-dried tofu.
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