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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Two Simple Ways of Preparing Tofu

There are many different kinds of tofu and tofu related products. Although their taste is not very distinctive, their texture varies greatly. Different kinds of tofu can be cooked differently, and combined with different things.
Two of the most common ways to prepare tofu is to stir fry it and to use it in salads. In this article, I will introduce two extremely simple recipes: one in which tofu is lightly fried with spring onions and one in which tofu is combined with spinach in a salad.
Stir fried tofu
1. Fresh tofu.
2. Spring onion.
3. Cooking wine, light soy sauce and sesame oil.
4. Toasted sesame
5. Salt and oil.
Fresh tofu can be easily found in Chinese supermarkets, and they normally come in two types (but in very similar packages): Chinese north-style tofu or south-style tofu. Southern tofu is slightly softer, otherwise I cannot tell the difference. In this dish I use the Southern tofu.
1. Slice the tofu into 5cm x 0.5cm cubes.
2. Chop one spring onion into small pieces.
1. Pour oil into a flat sauce pan, just enough to cover the base of the pan.
2. Place tofu pieces into the sauce pan, one piece after another.
3. When the surface of the tofu starts showing signs of getting firmer (for example, when it has absorbed oil and little dimples appear), remove the tofu cubes from the sauce pan, place them nicely into a deep plate.
4. In a heated wok, put 2 tablespoon of oil, chopped spring onion, one teaspoon of cooking wine, 1/3 teaspoon of salt, 1 and half tablespoon of light soy sauce.
5. When the sauce heats up, turn off the fire, and pour the sauce over well placed tofu in the plate.
6. Pour in couple of teaspoons of sesame oil, and sprinkle toasted sesame over the tofu.
Tofu and spinach salad
Tofu and spinach is a very traditional combination in the North of China. This salad is extremely easy to prepare.
1. Tofu and spinach leaves
2. Salt, light soy sauce, old vinegar (if not, rice vinegar), white sugar, and sesame oil.
3. Chilli oil (optional).
1. Chop the tofu into small tubes
2. Mix spinach leaves in. (Do put a few more leaves in, as those leaves 'shrink' once mixed with salt).
3. Put one half of a tea spoon of salt, 2 tea spoons of light soy sauce, 1 tea spoon of 'old vinegar' (if you don't have in hand, use only a couple of drops of rice vinegar), a small pinch of white sugar, 1 table spoon of chilli oil, and pour in some sesame oil.
4. Mix everything together well.
Shibin Zhang writes about Chinese food and Chinese culture. She specialises in the cuisine of North East China and in Islamic Chinese cuisine. On jer website, you can find more information about tofu in Chinese cuisine.

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