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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Herbal Calendula Which Processes Anti-Plaque and Gingivitis Activity, revealed by Human Studies

Scientists may have found a natural ingredient which has a potential effect against the onset of gingivitis, according to studies.

Gingivitis is a condition of the inflammation of the gum. The most common cause of the disease is poor hygiene in the induction of bacterial biofilms attached to tooth surfaces.

Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease, leading to the inflammation in inducing plaque buildup at the gumline. Daily brushing and flossing in most cases can remove the plaque, without the assistance of the dentist.

However, if daily brushing and flossing can not remove the plaque, please check with your dentist.

Untreated gingivitis can weaken the bone and connective tissue that hold the teeth in place, causing to periodontitis and the loss of tooth or teeth.

Besides poor hygiene, smoking or chewing tobacco, medical conditions such as diabetes, long-term intake of certain medication such as oral contraceptives, steroids, anticonvulsants, a denture that fit poorly, broken fillings, pregnancy, and genetic deposition are some risk factors associated with the onset of gingivitis.

Dr. Nascimento GG, the lead scientist, in the concern of widespread obesity in risk of gingivitis launched a study of a total of 1211 children aged 8- to 12-year old from the public and private schools in Southern Brazil by a two-stage cluster method.

In the oral examination, the presence of plaque and gingival bleeding were found in 34.6% in Obese/overweight children, compared to the mean and median values of gingival bleeding sites were 3.10 and 2.0 respectively in the group.

According to the In the sex-stratified analysis, researchers said, "overweight/obese boys presented a greater risk for gingivitis".

The discovery strongly suggested there is a closed link between gingivitis and people who are obese.

Calendula is also known as pot marigold, the annual-perennial herbaceous plants of about 12–20 species of genus Calendula, belonging to the family Asteraceae, native to Southern Europe.

The herbal medicine has been used in herbal medicine as spasmolytic, spasmogenic, inflammatory effects and for the treatment of abdominal cramps, wound healing, skin diseases, colitis, constipation, etc.

Besides major chemical constituents of triterpenoids, flavonoids, coumarines, quinones, volatile oil, carotenoids, and amino acids, the herb also contains loliolide (calendin), calendulin and n-

Researchers on finding natural ingredients for the prevention and treatment of with no side effects examined the herbal Calendula officinalis anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis activity.

240 patients having gingivitis (probing depth (PD) ≤3 mm), with a complaint of bleeding gums within the age group of 20-40 years enrolled with their informed consent were included in this study.

The subjects were randomly assigned into two groups - test group (n = 120) and control group (n = 120).

All the test group patients were advised to dilute 2 ml of tincture of calendula with 6 ml of distilled water and rinse their mouths once in the morning and once in the evening for six months. Similarly, the control group patients were advised to use 8 ml distilled water (placebo) as control mouthwash and rinse mouth twice daily for six months.

In the absence of scaling (that is, between the first and second visit), the test group showed a statistically significant reduction in the scores of plaque index (PI), gingival index (GI), sulcus bleeding index (SBI), and oral hygiene index-simplified (OHI-S) compared to the control group, when the baseline scores were compared with the third month scores.

However, when scaling was performed during the third month (second visit), there was a statistically significant reduction in the scores of all parameters, when the third month scores were compared with the sixth-month scores in both groups, but the test group showed a significantly greater reduction in the PI, GI, SBI, and OHI-S scores compared to that of the control group.

These results clearly suggested that calendula mouthwash is effective in reducing dental plaque and gingivitis adjunctive to scaling, according to the researchers.

In order to reveal more information about herbal Calendula anti-gingivitis effects, researchers investigated the effects of a topic gel containing clobetasol propionate and Calendula officinalis L in an acetate tray over two years.

The study included 2 patients with a diagnosis of lichen planus presenting as DG, researchers found that the symptomatic outbreaks were delayed and presented as less severe symptoms in the two years follow-up.

The findings indicated the topic of gel treatment reduces the length and severity of symptomatic outbreaks desquamative gingivitis.

Taken altogether, herbal Calendula may be used as a mouthwash or topical gel for the prevention and treatment of gingivitis with no side effects, pending the result of a larger and multicenter human study

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