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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Breast Feeding - Insufficient Milk

Insufficient milk rarely happens and it is a condition in which a mother can not produce enough breast milk to feed the new born. The incidence can happen to some women during the first six weeks, as a mother's milk supply is being established, but it will solve itself. Insufficient milk is a serious problem, you must seek help from the nursing specialist.

Causes of insufficient milk
1. Smoking
Smoking nursing mother is at risk of in insufficient milk production.
2. Severe postpartum hemorrhage
Severe bleeding at birth can increase the risk of insufficient milk production but it often resolves during the first few weeks after birth or after blood transfusion.
3. Retained placental fragments
It often solves on their own during the first several weeks after birth
4. Thyroid conditions
Thyroid condition can cause shifting of the hormone production.
5. Medicine
Certain types of medicine such as antihistamines and sedatives can interfere with production of the breast milk
6. Oral contraceptive pill
Oral contraceptive pill may increase certain hormone and decrease others
7. Pregnancy
Pregnancy can cause the hormonal change.
8. Formula supplement
Using formula supplements or pacifiers regularly can decrease your supply
9. Stress
Constant under stress can increase the risk of hormone disorder, affecting the milk supply
10. Etc.

How to increase breast supply
Some doctor suggested that mother of new born may try the method below to stimulate the production of more milk.
1. Pump your breasts for several minutes with the beast pump after breastfeeding can be helpful.
2. Galactogogue
Galactogogue is a herb preparation enhanced the production of breast milk. Please make sure you talk to your doctor or herbalist before taking.
3. Increase the number of breast feedings can be beneficial.
4. Increase skin-to-skin contact may be helpful
5. Etc.

2. Medicine
In an article of GALACTAGOGUES (substances that are claimed to increase milk supply) by Wendy Brodribb AM MBBS, IBCLC, ABA Breastfeeding Counsellor, researcher reported that
a. Metoclopramide
A study of metoclopramide found that prolactin levels increased significantly. The amount of breast milk also increased by between 30 and 40%. Eighty nine percent of the women regarded the response as good during the time they were taking metoclopramide.
In the summary, researcher indicated that metoclopramide is an effective drug for increasing prolactin and milk supply in women. The response is dose dependent although some women simply do not respond. It needs to be taken at least three times a day. Side effects such as gastric cramping and diarrhoea may affect compliance. Long-term use for more than two weeks is generally not recommended.

b. Domperidone
One study found daily milk production increased and at one month all women in the treatment group were breastfeeding adequately, while only two of the placebo group had sufficient milk. There were similar findings in a group of women treated for low milk supply two weeks postpartum.
In summary, researchers indicated that domperidone given for four to ten days has been shown to increase prolactin levels and milk supply. There appear to be fewer side effects in the mother with this drug compared to metoclopramide. While it appears in breast milk, there is no indication that it affects the infant in the doses used.

c. Etc.
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