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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Contraception - Female Condom (Benidorm)

 Posted by Chantel Martiromo,  Article By Kyle J. Norton

Female Condom (Benidorm) is a sexual device of the women used as a sexual barrier during sexual intercourse with the purpose of preventing the possibility of pregnancy and reducing the risk of sexual transmitting diseases by blocking the sperm from entering the women's reproductive organs. The cost of female condom is considered more expensive than the male one, but it can be washed, disinfected and reused up to 7 cycles, according to WHO. There are many types of female condom, with sucessful rate in preventing unintentional pregnancy between 70 - 95% if used correctly.

Types of female condom
1. The FC Condom
The FC condom is made by polyurethane and is considered as unsafe of resuse, but in the report of . "Female condom re-use: assessing structural integrity after multiple wash, dry and re-lubrication cycles" by McIntyre J, Pettifor A, Rees VH (June 28–July 3, 1998) suggested thatthat "washing, drying and re-lubricating the female condom up to ten times does not significantly alter the structural integrity of the device. Further microbiological and virological tests are required before re-use of the female condom can be recommended.

2. FC2 condom
The Fc2 condom is considered cost effectiveness, as it can be reused in high number levels . In a study of Country-wide distribution of the nitrile female condom (FC2) in Brazil and South Africa: a cost-effectiveness analysis by Dowdy, DW; Sweat MD, Holtgrave DR. in 2006, researchers found that FC2 use would generate significant cost savings at all levels of implementation by preventing thousands of HIV infections and saving millions of dollars in health care costs.
Both the FC and FC2 female condoms are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

3. The VA w.o.w female Condom or The VA
The VA as it is named made by latesex with lubricant and has a V-shape frame outside and a sponge inside the closed end, which helps to connect it inside the vagina.

4. The party condom
It is This is a pair of panties with a condom hold by a sheath with lubricant inside and outside and considered as one the easiest use of female condom, worn by the woman as a panty during process of sexual intercourse. Some men consider it as sexual appealing. The panties can be washed and reuse, but the sheath needed to be changed after-use.

5. Path Women's Condom
Path Women's Condom designed by two PATH employees in 1996 is one of the easy to use, affordable, and more comfortable than a male condom by replacing the ring with four small dots of soft, absorbent foam adhered gently to the interior of the vagina, holding the condom securely in place and it is easy to be removed. At the end of the condom, it is ring to hold the condom together for easy inserting. After it is inserted, the ring is dissolved in less than one minute.

The advantage of female condom
1. Protecting against unintentional pregnancy the the failure rate of 5%, if used properly
2. Protecting against sexual transmitting diseases
3. Appealing to the male partner
4. safe for people who are allergic to rubber latex
5. No hormonal side effects
6. Cost effectiveness as it can be re-use
7. Some female condom may be sex attractiveness and appealing.
8. Etc.

The disadvantage of female condom
1. Rate of unintentional pregnancy if high, if used incorrectly.
2. The outer ring in some types of condom can interfere with the fore-place in some women.
3. It may be difficult to put it on for some women.
4. It is not as popular as male condom
5. Some types of condom may have sound affects
6. May be challenging and uncomfortable for couple not familiar to the product, as it is needed to insert into the vagina.
7. Some women consider the cost is higher than traditional male condom.
8. Etc.
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