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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Soy and The Adverse Effects Associated with Chemotherapy

Posted by Chantel M.

In a study of "Soy isoflavones ameliorate the adverse effects of chemotherapy in children.", by
Tacyildiz N, Ozyoruk D, Yavuz G, Unal E, Dincaslan H, Dogu F, Sahin K, Kucuk O." As Nine cycles of chemotherapy were administered without genistein and 57 cycles with genistein. Patients experienced less myelosuppression, mucositis, and infection when they received genistein with chemotherapy. During supplementation, serum genistein levels were 2 to 6 times higher compared to presupplementation levels, researchers found that Patients who received abdominal radiation reported less pain and diarrhea when they took the genistein supplement. Further clinical investigation of soy isoflavones in pediatric cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation should be conducted.

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  1. Also iodine of which the majority of people have a deficiency (it is not in table salt since this is refined i.e. it is overprocessed and dead like white sugar). Guess what? Doctors at med school get taught that iodine (indispensible for all our organs not only thyroid) is dangerous! Take iodoral after being tested (google dr. brownstein)