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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Soy and The Adverse Effects in Patients with Prostate Cancer

Posted by Chantel M.

In a study of "Soy isoflavones in conjunction with radiation therapy in patients with prostate cancer." by Ahmad IU, Forman JD, Sarkar FH, Hillman GG, Heath E, Vaishampayan U, Cher ML, Andic F, Rossi PJ, Kucuk O. Forty-two patients with prostate cancer were randomly assigned to receive 200 mg soy isoflavone (Group 1) or placebo (Group 2) daily for 6 mo beginning with the first day of radiation therapy, which was administered in 1.8 to 2.5 Gy fractions for a total of 73.8 to 77.5 Gy. Adverse effects of radiation therapy on bladder, bowel, and sexual function were assessed by a self-administered quality of life questionnaire at 3 and 6 mo. Only 26 and 27 patients returned completed questionnaires at 3 and 6 mo, respectively. At each time point, urinary, bowel, and sexual adverse symptoms induced by radiation therapy were decreased in the soy isoflavone group compared to placebo group. At 3 mo, soy-treated patients had less urinary incontinence, less urgency, and better erectile function as compared to the placebo group. At 6 mo, the symptoms in soy-treated patients were further improved as compared to the placebo group. These patients had less dripping/leakage of urine (7.7% in Group 1 vs. 28.4% in Group 2), less rectal cramping/diarrhea (7.7% vs. 21.4%), and less pain with bowel movements (0% vs. 14.8%) than placebo-treated patients. There was also a higher overall ability to have erections (77% vs. 57.1%), researcher concluded that soy isoflavones taken in conjunction with radiation therapy could reduce the urinary, intestinal, and sexual adverse effects in patients with prostate cancer.

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1 comment:

  1. i have an enlarged prostate double the size for my age at 48. I been taking rapaflo, it makes me emo, and i gain weight easily like girly weight i think. lol
    I been taking pumpkin seed oil capsules, one per day.
    I want to beat this stuff early as possible.
    I used to take weight lifting supplements, and i think testosterone boosting stuff, which i believe caused the problem in the first place, along with being hereditary and a greasy diet, and drinking beer or alcohol.
    There is just not info out there and Dr's dont seem to share or communicate much. Tx for the article.