Get Pregnant Naturally

Get Pregnant Naturally
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Friday, August 12, 2011

A True Story Of An Infertile Woman

By Chantel M.

It is an amazing story that I have ever heard, but it is true.
Age 42, married and childless, always want to a family but can't (Since when)
No period for 9 months (Amenorrhea),
Diagnosis Blood test showed FSH levels; 10.5, entering perimenopause stage
Medication given By Western doctor : Taking medicine for 14 days, only spotting as result.
Result; Her doctor said if she has had no period for next 12 months, she is officially enter the stage of menopause.
What got her to take soy bean?
Method ;
1. Taking soy bean 100 grams 3 days a week, skip when the period arrived
2. After 3 weeks, period came back on June 2-2011. Taking soy bean a week later 100 per days 3 time a week
3. Period came again at July 9-2011 ( 38 days)
4. pregnancy is confirmed by urinary test at August 11- 2011.
5. Is it an amazing story?

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Please also note that because of controversy of soy bean and its possible side effects, please consult with you doctor, dietitian, related field specialist before applying.
Please note that menopause and post menopause are used interchangeable.
Some researchers defined that menopause is the first 12 consecutive months with no bleeding and a stage of transition from peri menopause to post menopause.

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