Get Pregnant Naturally

Get Pregnant Naturally
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Overcome Male Infertility - The Post-coital/Cervical Mucus Test

Posted by Chantel Martiromo

Fertility is a natural process to insure the survival of human species. Through natural selection, we produce many offspring when the reproductive system works at it's peak in the suitable environment with plenty of food around. On the other hand, the reproductive system may completely shut down or work at it's minimum state and we produce less offspring, when the environment is hostile including less foods around, war, epidemic, but regardless of all these factors, most women are capable of conceiving during their menstrual cycle before menopause.

The Post-coital or cervical mucus test is to analyze the sperm present and motility.

I. Procedure
1. The test may be done after sperm is ejaculated into the vagina after sexual intercourse of the infertile couple.
2. It can be done through the test tube by placing the cervical mucus with semen sperm of infertile couple.

II. Diagnosis
1. Sperm penetration
It is a measure of the ability of the sperm to undergo the process of egg penetration. It includes DNA and enzymes that are needed for penetration and fertilization.

2. Sperm movement
The test is to check the sperm for any type of movement including progressively motile sperm which swims forward in a straight line and non-progressively motile sperm which swims in an abnormal path.

3. Cervical mucus analysis
It checks if the cervical mucus is friendly or hostile to sperm invasion because during the fertile period there is an increase in cervical mucus production at the ovulation and the mucus becoming more pliable, stretchable, and slippery which allow sperm to move freely through the cervix. If the sperm can not move through the cervical mucus in this period than there are 2 outcomes
a) Sperm problem and other tests may be required before treatment.
b) Cervical mucus abnormality (sperm unfriendly mucus) and treatment may be required.
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