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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Yoga, The Best Ancient Intervention In Ameliorated Chronic Pain

People attending yoga lessons long terms demonstrated superior performance on the measure of implicit motor imagery in reduced severity of chronic pain, compared nonyoga participants.

This implication of superior motor imagery performance in yoga participants actually promoted cortical re-organization in alleviating pain associated with imagination and observation of movement, without triggering the protective pain response.

Yoga is an ancient practical technique of India, included breath control, meditation, bodily movement, and gesture,..... with an aim to achieve harmonization of the body, mind, and spirit.

Chronic pain is persistence of pain last more 12 weeks and longer.

Dr. Hartnoll SH, the lead researcher said, " Yoga practice is associated with superior motor imagery performance; an association that may be important in explaining the established rehabilitative value of yoga for chronic pain".

In a total of 36 participants (18 yoga, 18 nonyoga) matched for age, sex and handedness, undertook the hand laterality recognition task yoga group scored a magnificent faster result in compared controls (p < 0.05), including greater accuracy, faster responses to images corresponding with the dominant limb and with awkward postures, as indicated motor imagery assay.

Additionally, researchers also emphasized that yoga practiced attendees also expressed a motor imagery performance, involving awkward postures in the compared control group.

Other study insisted that mind-body techniques such as yoga may be used as pain and symptom management in conjunction with non-opioid pain medication for certain chronic pain as well as improved quality of life.

Intertestingly, in study to evaluate the regular yoga practice influenced in a left/right judgment task in compared to people who do not, participant after viewing into 40 photographs of a model with their head turned to the left or right, yoga group and non yoga scored a more faster and more accurate (p=0.001) at making left/right neck rotation judgement than they were at making left/right-hand judgments, regardless of group. These results may be an indication that yoga may have chronic pain efficacy through other aspects unrelated to certain tasks.

Taking together, yoga may be a safe and effective technique used for the treatment of chronic pain through many mechanisms, including superior motor imagery performance.

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