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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Friday, January 3, 2020

Healthy Food Onion Processes Immunomodulatory Activity for the Needs of the Body

The immune system formed part of the defense system is the set of cells associated with the activity that protects the body against antigens or infectious agents.

It is one of the body's defense system against diseases by keeping us healthy and preventing infections.

Immune dysfunction is a chronic condition, depending on the parts of the immune system affected.

The immune dysfunction can be classified into
* The underactive immune system is also known as the weakened immune system. People with the underactive immune system are susceptible to infection, recurrent infections.

* The overactive immune system is also known as autoimmune diseases. In this case, patients suffer diseases associated with the immune system that attacks the body tissues.

Immunomodulation is a process in which an immune response is altered to the desired level. In other words, under the immunomodulatory effect, the immune system is responding correctly to the desire of the body, regardless of types of immune dysfunction.

Some researchers suggested that by providing the necessary nutrition which has been found to play major exogenous factors in modulating different aspects of immune function. Therefore, the immune system can be optimal for the benefits of human health.

Dr. the lead scientist outlined,
* " nutrition induces a significant modulation of a marker within the reference range" or

* "nutrition induces a significant modulation of a marker from outside the reference or control range back into the range" or

*"nutrition induces a significant modulation of a marker from within the reference or control range to outside the range" or

* "nutrition prevents a significant modulation of a marker from within the reference or control range to outside the range" or
* "nutrition induces a significant modulation of a marker from a less favorable reference range into the reference range of a comparator group with a more favorable immune function".

Finally, the doctor said, "If related immune function markers show consistent changes, the interpretation will be easy and will follow the same logic as for individual markers" and "If changes in related markers are not consistent, interpretation is greatly helped by good clinical practices that include the a priori definition of the most important ‘lead markers’ (typically groups A and B)".

In other words, immune functioning can be modulated to the body's needs.

The onion is a plant in the genus Allium, belongings to the family Alliaceae, a close relation of garlic. It is often called the "king of vegetables" because of its pungent taste and found in a large number of recipes and preparations spanning almost the totality of the world's cultures.

Depending on the variety, an onion can be sharp, spicy, tangy, pungent, mild or sweet.

With an aim to find a potential compound that processes the immunomodulatory effect, researchers examined the onion extract against disease associated with immune dysfunction.

In vitro, the application of both onion aqueous and ethanolic extract of garlic powder significantly stimulated cell proliferation of rat spleen lymphocytes, by activating a cytokine signaling molecule in the immune system that regulates the activities of white blood cells.

These activities were totally depending on specific stimulator of cell proliferation. In this case, it was the interleukin 2 (IL2).

In subjected treated with concanavalin, both extracts also modulated the proliferation of rat thymocytes and splenocytes in response to concanavalin administration.

Interestingly, depending on the concentration, onion extracts not only had an inhibitory effect on T cell proliferation at higher concentrations but also increased T cell proliferation at lower concentrations of extracts.

In other words, onion processed immune-modulatory effects depending on the body's needs.

Taken altogether, onion may be considered a remedy for the promotion of immune function, pending to the confirmation of the larger sample size and multicenter human study.

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