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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to firming your Leg to shoulders with No Efforts

Posted by Chantel Martiromo

Kyle J. Norton Advices:
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"Will muscles turn into fat if we stop exercising"? that is a myth. Indeed, there are no biological connection between them. Daven Hiskey in Today I found out insisted "after a person quits exercising, the muscle cells aren’t going away and somehow managing to morph into fat cells; rather, they are simply shrinking". Yes, the aging process induces the shrinking of our muscle tone if we stop exercising, causing fat accumulation and sagging skin in our body.
The below tips have been proven through our clinical studies of over 400 subjects that you can reduce fat and strengthen your  fore arms muscles from should to wrist in a few weeks without exercising. If you are in this age between age of 57 - 63, you can expect the same results(a)(b)(c).

A. Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) and vitamin E and A(1)
1. The chemical reaction of Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA)
Vitamin C + Water -----> Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA ) + 2e- +2H+
2. Vitamin E chemical structure

The α-tocopherol form of vitamin E
3. Vitamin A: C20H30O
The equipment and Preparation
1. One bottle of synthetic vitamin C 100x 500mg tablets. You can purchase this in any pharmacy for about $5.00
2. A bottle of vitamin E purified oil (You can only buy it from any pharmacy for $10) (We used provitamin E produced by Jamieson, due to complaints of irritation and stickiness of many tested subjects, You can also buy it at any pharmacy and super market for about $20 for a jar of 60ml)
3. A jar of provitamin A produced by Jamieson, due to complaints of irritation and stickiness of many tested subjects on vitamin A purified oil, You can also buy it at any pharmacy and super market for about $15 for a jar of 120 ml)
4. A small bottle carries 100mL of warm tap water or still-water if desire.
5. A roll of bounty or a half hand size sponge.
6. A pair of plastic glove.

Please Note, Kyle J. Norton and Associates DO NOT receive funding from Jamieson(The giant vitamins company)

How to make Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration
Day one
Put 8 tablets of synthetic vitamin C into the bottle which carries 100 mL of water[(8x500mg)/100mL=4000mg/100,000mg=4/100=4% concentration of Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA)] on the day before application to make sure all vitamin C tablets are dissolved.

How to reduce fat and strengthen 100% of  your Muscles Without exercising effectively
The next day

Put on your glove. Shake the bottle well. Pour some Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA ) onto a piece of fold-twice bounty paper towels.
Apply the solutions 3 times a days
Application first of Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration to induce skin cleansing through its detoxified, antioxidant and cell and collagen regeneration effects by rubbing against the skin of the effects area with little pressure for about one minutes. Apply more solution if require. Wait for 5 minutes then apply vitamin E directly and generously onto fingers and the back of your hands. Wait for 5 minutes, do the same with vitamin A.

After applying, clean the sponge if used and glove, return and store the bottle of solution and vitamin E. A into first aid box in room temperature. Replace the solution of Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA ) every ten days to retain accurate concentration.

What to expect
1. In the first few days of application
The muscles in your forearms from shoulder and wrist begin to expand in replacement of sagging skin. If you poke your arm with finger, your will see the muscles of your arms strengthened traumatically.

2. In a few weeks
According to our clinical study, the combination of solution not only rejuvenate  of Your Arms(From Shoulder to Wrist) up to 90% but also 100% in enhanced your muscles tone. The skin firming, smoothing, elasticity and induced muscle expanding as well reduced fat accumulation may be through Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration and vitamin E and A skin cleansing and detoxified, antioxidant and muscle cell and collagen regeneration effects.

We do believe that the same solution may produce the same results to same muscle structures in the body, especially your legs. Question was asked "Were the same solutions induced muscles strengthening in the belly and chest". Presumably, the solution may also be effective in firming other parts of your body's muscle tissues similar to your arms, but clinical trial is necessary to validate its claims. It is up to you to test them out, but we do know that the solutions will strengthen your muscles, reduce sagging skin and fat accumulation for your arms.

Millions have been spent in our studies, we provide this information free and do not ask for anything in return. You promise to tell everyone you know about this webpage and retweet it, so they do not waste any more money on ineffective commercial products.

1. Always testing your topical skin solution, including Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA ) and vitamin E for allergic reaction, by applying a tiny portion onto your wrist for 5 minutes. Do not use the solution if there is.
2. Although there were no adverse effect in our study, please make sure you always wear gloves before applying, as higher concentration than that ofDehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration has been shown to cause brownness on the finger nails.
3. The Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration has been shown to cause yellowness on the surface of some metal (very old) sinks, please make sure your test it to avoid the same messes.
4. Higher concentration of the solution has been used in skin tanning industry, please make that Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration is completely absorbed(about 5- 10 minutes) into your skin before going to the extreme sun.
5. If the solutions get into your eyes, use tap water to clear them.
6. Do not attempt to make higher than Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration solution, as it has not been tested.
7. Always shake well before using Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration.

All articles written by Kyle J. Norton are for information & education only, please consult your Doctor & Related field specialist before applying. If you have any questions about this article, please email at

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My experiences:
Topical application only Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration from ankles to shoulders strengthens your muscles within a week and firms the applied areas in 2- 3 weeks including thighs and hips, reduces waist by 1 inch, and chest without increasing bra size with no side effect on my figure of a woman with  height of 168cm and weight of 125 pounds. Do not apply the solution on your nipple(cause tip spiky) and belly button(may cause belly pain as I was told).


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