Get Pregnant Naturally

Get Pregnant Naturally
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Overcome Infertility -- Hormonal Imbalance treatments In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted by Chantel Martiromo

Fertility is a natural process to insure the survival of human species. Through natural selection, we produce many offspring when the reproductive system works at it's peak in the suitable environment with plenty of food around. On the other hand, the reproductive system may completely shut down or work at it's minimum state in reproduction of offspring, when the environment is hostile including less foods around, war, epidemic, but regardless of all these factors, most women are capable of conceiving during their menstrual stages before menopause.

Unlike conventional medication, traditional Chinese medicine treat the body as a whole and each patient is treated as one unique entity. It is difficult to describe one method for all patient. But in general, here are some general techniques which have been used over thousand of years in treating infertility
I. In gerneral
After taking personal file and past personal medical recorded Your TCM practitioner usually examine
1. Your body and facial appearance
Believe it or not, your body and facial appearance will give your herbalist some idea about your condition. If you have a pale facial appearance, he or she may suspect that you have yang qi deficiency.

2. Pulse reading
There are 2 types of pulses
a) Heart pulse
This pulse will tell your herbalist how you heart works. The different reading of irregular fast or slow may contribute to different types of deficiency
b) Kidney pulse
Kidney pulse is specially important for treatment of women or men infertility, as Chinese traditional medicine view kidney as reproductive system regulator. Any deficiency may distort the menstrual cycle in women and lower sperm quality in men.

3. Reading your tongue
Any deficiency or stagnation of qi and blood will express in the tougue color, tastbuds, etc.

II. Necessary
After diagnosis your problem through initial examination and reading your personal medical file and assuming that your infertility problem is not caused by structure problem.
1. Weight
You may ask to gain or lose some weight. The traditional Chinese medicine view the best weight for conception is 5-10 over the BMI normal range.

2. Exercise
It is hard to believe that some women engaging in running or playing some kinds of sport which seem to be healthy, without knowing it may contribute to infertility as resulting of the brain primitive reaction to certain environments.

3. Life style change
a) Alcohol
If you may needed to stop alcohol drinking completely, if your herbalist suspects that alcohol has certain effected in your liver function.
b) Smoking
Even though, everybody know smoking is no good for every body. If smoking interferes with persistent condition, your will ask to quit smoking. Don't worry, they have very good stopping smoking technique as long as your are cooperative.
c) Exercise
You may ask to do some very moderate exercise to improve blood flow to your body and reduce stress to your nervous system, including walking, tai chi and yoga

4. Acupuncture
It is one of the oldest traditional Chinese medicine treatment. If your herbalist suspect that blood or qi stagnation or imbalance of chi have interfered with normal function of your body, leading the underline disease then you may be required a few session of acupuncture. By applying the needle in the exact meridian point, it helps to relieve the causes.

5. Acupressure
If the underline cause is pain related, then acupressure may be needed to stop pain or release muscles tension.

6. Breathing techniques
It helps to relieve symptoms of nervous tension including emotional and physical stress. anxiety and depression. It is specially useful for stress causes of infertility, such as working in the stress occupation and women who are under constant stress.

7. Food
In Chinese medicine, foods are classified in to five groups
a) Cool
b) Cold
c) Neutral
d) Warm
e) Hot
you may ask to add some the specific types of food into your diet and reduce the other, if you herbalist suspect that your diet has interfered with normal function in your body or other specific organs. Women with kidney yang deficiency is required to add more warm and hot food into their diet.

8. Vitamins and minerals
When is necessary, you will ask to take certain vitamins and mineral supplement to improve your body deficiency.

9. Herbs
If medicine is necessary, herbs will be given to restore the over all health.

There are many other types of technique that tradition Chinese medicine used to treat underline causes of infertility and they believe each individual is unique, there are no one type of treatment for all.

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