Get Pregnant Naturally

Get Pregnant Naturally
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Overcome Male Infertility -- Liver Qi Stagnation In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted by Chantel Martiromo

Fertility is a natural process to insure the survival of human species. Through natural selection, we produce many offspring when the reproductive system works at it's peak in the suitable environment with plenty of food around. On the other hand, the reproductive system may completely shut down or work at it's minimum state in reproduction of offspring, when the environment is hostile including less foods around, war, epidemic, but regardless of all these factors, most women are capable of conceiving during their menstrual stages before menopause.

Liver meridian blockage in the local area (genital) makes it difficult to ejaculate, related with impotence and low libido.

I. Causes
1. Stress
Over stress increase the secretion of certain hormone which blocks the flow of qi in the liver and interfere the function of normal ejaculation leading to sexual dysfunction.

2. Environment toxins
Environment toxins enter our body and accumulated in the liver organ leading to liver malfunction.

3. Unhealthy diet
Men eat a lot of saturated and trans fat causing fat liver which interferes the function liver qi in maintaining the function of the men reproductive system leading to low sperm count and sperm quality.

4. Excessive drinking
Moderate drinking may help to improve liver function and increase blood flow, excessive drinking damage liver cells leading to liver qi stagnation causing all kinds of health problem including infertility.

II. How Live qi Stagnation Effects Fertility
1. Sexual dysfunction
Blood stagnation reduce blood flow to the blood veins in the penis leading to sexual dysfunction.

2. Reproductive disorder
It also decreases the blood flow to the reproductive organs which disrupts the reproductive system in production of sperm including abnormal sperm, low sperm count, etc and increases the risk of immunity causes of infertility.

3. Sexual desire
Qi stagnation also interferes with production of hormone in the body including low levels of testosterone leading to sexual libido.

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