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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Yoga as an Integrated Form of Exercise in Reduced Risk and Treatment of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum yoga practice may have a profound and positive effect in reduced risk and treatment of
postpartum depression, epidemiological studies suggested.
Postpartum depression is a medical condition suffered by a mother following childbirth, as a result of hormonal changes and psychological adjustment to motherhood,......affecting Up to 20% of women.

In a study of 57 postpartum women with scores ≥12 on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale randomly assigned to a yoga class consisted of 16 classes over 8 weeks.(N = 28) or wait-list control (N = 29) group, researchers found that yoga group demonstrated a significantly greater rate of improvement in depression, anxiety, and HRQOL, in compared to the control and 78% of women in the yoga group experienced clinically significant change, according to the Reliable Change Index analyses.

Indeed, yoga participation in deep relaxation and meditation creates a state of self-consciousness
to cope with psychological stress caused by postpartum depression by accepting the presence with the positive feelings and dealing with the situation with love and care.

Physically, by driving the mental expression in the right direction to deal with stress in the right way, yoga intervention eventually induced the returning of proper hormone secretion.

Psychologically, yoga breathing and meditation promoted central nervous system calmness and relaxation may have strong implications in reduced psychic symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress...improving sleep pattern, particularly in relieving sleep deprivation, one of the major risk factor of postpartum depression.

More importantly, Dr. MacDonald C, in the study of "mother and baby yoga is good for you" suggested that postpartum yoga class can also benefit both mother and baby.

Truly, with the mother and baby attended the class together, yoga exercise not only induced a strong bond and improved relationship between mother and baby but also brought the mother back to the presence in loving and caring of the baby in the natural motherhood consciousness, through deep breathing and meditation.

There is no doubt that yoga stretching and posturing also had a profound and therapeutic effect in restoring the pelvic floor and strengthened the abdomen and reduced physical pain in the mother as a result of muscles overstretch in months of pregnancy and improved the baby digestive system and physical health, acceptance of new environment and interaction with mother and "classmate".

Interestingly the study to evaluate the effect of yoga and Pilate exercises in treating postpartum depression, 28 women at 2-6 months postpartum assigned to 'Yoga and Pilates Exercise Programme for Postpartum Woman' in group sessions once a week for three months (12 times total) for 60 minutes each time by a professional coach, after taking into account of other confounders indicated that both Yoga and Pilate interventions showed a significant decrease of postpartum depression, after completing the program and displayed significant reductions of body weight, body fat percentage, fat mass, and basic metabolic rate.
Dr. Ko YL the led authors said, "physical activities benefited the physical and mental health of postpartum women and enhanced their quality of life".

Taking all together, Yoga as an integrated form of study may be used as an adjunct exercise in reduced risk and treatment of Postpartum depression.

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