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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Yoga Intervention in Reduced Pregnancy Discomforts in All Aspects

Yoga intervention may have a profound and therapeutic effect in reduced pregnancy discomfort, epidemiological studies suggested.

People who participated in yoga class are likely to experience less or lower levels of anxiety, a renowned study suggested.

In the study of target population primigravidas at 26-28 weeks of gestation (no high-risk pregnancies) who had not engaged in regular exercise or yoga for at least one year to evaluate the acute effect of yoga therapy in risk of pregnancy discomforts with 88 individuals; 43 in the control group and 45 in took part in the prenatal yoga program with duration of the prenatal yoga program of 12-14 weeks, and at least three sessions per week, researchers found that women in the prenatal yoga program group expressed a significantly fewer pregnancy discomforts in compared to the control group at the at 38-40 weeks of gestation, particularly, in the outcome and self-efficacy expectancy during the active stage of labor and second stage of labor.

Indeed, pregnancy physical discomfort such as morning sickness fatigue, breast tenderness, constipation,...... and psychological discomforts such as “Rollercoaster” emotions, anxiety, depression are either result of hormone change and increased stress levels during pregnancy.

Yoga as an integrated form of exercise with slow breathing method and mediation ameliorated stress expression by creating a self-consciousness between body and mind, relaxed the central nervous system in reducing psychological discomforts and dealing the physical discomforts in the positive way.

Furthermore, maternal yoga practice also reduced stress in induction of anxiety, worries and fear at 38-40 weeks of gestation and during the active stage of labor and second stage of labor through the mind and body relaxation in bringing back the presence of expectant motherhood in a naturally conscious way.

Some researchers also suggested that maternal yoga participation such as postures and stretch not only alleviates anxiety around labor but also increases strength in the legs to prepare for the date of labor.

Dr. Yi-Chin Sun, the led author said, "the provision of booklets and videos on yoga during pregnancy may contribute to a reduction in pregnancy discomforts and improved childbirth self-efficacy" and can be used by health-care professionals as an evidence-based intervention.

Interestingly, with an aim to improve Pregnancy discomfort and outcome, researchers at the joint study led by the St. John's Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore conducted a study to assess yoga therapy (YT) module on maternal stress level in high risk pregnancy of sixty-eight pregnant women (38 in the control group with standard antenatal care and 30 in the YT group) with 27.2 (5.2) years of mean age from the outpatient services of medical college and hospital in Bangalore, South India, opinionated that by the observation of the Perceived stress scale (PSS), yoga intervention group demonstrated a significantly fewer pregnancy discomforts at the second follow-up (28th week of pregnancy) compared to the control group who experienced an increased stress level.

Some women at the 28th weeks of gestation may experience certain psychological symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, emotional distress,... and physical symptoms of constipation, continued weight gain, heartburn, swelling in limbs, backaches and leg cramps,.....tension

In psychological symptoms, physical postures, breathing, relaxation, and meditation have shown to calm the nervous tension in bring back the self consciousness and increased the women the ability in maintaining positive feelings or in regulating stress feelings, thus attenuating the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, emotional distress,... and dealing the physical symptoms in profound manner.

Dr. CS Deshpande, the led author, after considering other risk factors said, "YT module can decrease the stress level during high-risk pregnancy complications" and "practicing YT during high-risk pregnancy is not only a cost-effective option but also a feasible and safe option".

In the support of the above differentiation, the Eastern Virginia Medical School launched a study by searching the literature published online of PubMed database from January 1970 to January 2011, out of many studies reviewed, five prospective observational studies (n = 575) and three randomized clinical trials (RCTs; n = 298) met the criteria and guideline selected, researchers after analysis each study individually, suggested that all nonrandomized trials indicated a significant reduction of pregnancy symptoms and complications particularly in pregnancy discomforts and all randomized trials suggested that participated yoga during pregnancy can significantly lower pain and discomfort (p < 0.05) and perceived stress (p = 0.001) and improve quality of life in physical domains

Taking all together, yoga-practicing during pregnancy may be considered as an integrated form of exercise combined with standard care treatment in reduced pregnancy discomforts, especially in high-risk women.

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