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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Yoga, The best in Ameliorated Prenatal Chronic Poor Sleep In Risk of Pregnancy Outcomes

Some pregnant women may experience sleep disturbance. Yoga as an integrated form of intervention may have a profound effect in the treatment of this syndrome through expression in the reduction of related potential pathophysiological mechanisms, some scientists studies suggested.

Yoga, the ancient practical technique for harmonized external and internal body well beings, through breath control, meditation, bodily movement, and gesture..... has been best known for people in the Western world and some parts in Asia due to health benefits reported by various respectable institutes' research and supported by health advocates.

In a study to review the clinical evidence of the association between conditions of sleep loss during pregnancy and adverse pregnancy outcomes researchers at the joint study led by the University of Pisa, through papers published between January 1, 1960 and July 2013, suggested that chronic sleep loss frequently throughout the course of pregnancy may contribute to adverse pregnancy outcomes.
and chronic sleep loss during pregnancy as a result of stress and a physiological stressor per se, may also lead to stress 'overload' which has a negative influence in pregnancy outcome.

Yoga exercise involved stretching, meditation and relaxing of muscles expressed a significant improvement of psychological arouses such as calmness, relaxation, reduced stress and promoted
physical and mental exertion may lead to less sleep latency, fewer sleep disturbances, and better sleep pattern.
Additionally, Yoga breathing exercises have shown to improve oxygen saturation through enhancing the strength of the lung muscles, thus increasing blood circulation which can be a positive factor in reduced sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

Further analysis, increased blood flow to the brain may improve brain cells in transfer and receive information properly, thus reducing risk of psychological tension which may have a negative influence the sleep efficiency.

Habitual snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome and insomnia were 3 common syndromes in pregnancy of breathing-related sleep disorders.

The investigation of whether sleep quality during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy have any effect to obstetric-neonatal outcomes postulated that the incidence of poor sleep quality was found in 58% for second-trimester participants and 66% for third-trimester participants and women who experience third-trimester poor sleepers were more likely to have had a vacuum-assisted delivery.

Pregnancy influences hormone change and increased trips to the bathroom at night caused by early pregnancy systems may have a profound impact to induce poor sleep in the first trimester.

Also, in the third trimester, pregnant women may experience fewer periods of deep sleep and wake up more often during the night due to more trips to the bath as a result of the growing baby putting pressure on the bladder. Reduced intake of fluid a few hours before bedtime may be helpful. Some women may also experience heartburn, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, and snoring which may cause them awake during night sleep.

Indeed, snoring increases the chances of sleep disturbances by two-fold was reported in some studies.

And snoring may be another indication of poor sleep pattern, yoga breathing improved the sleep efficiency by enhancing muscles of the throat, lung and strengthen the muscles of airflow passage reducing risk of obstructed nasal airways.

According to the University of Colorado Denver, sleep disorders are common in pregnancy and have maternal and fatal consequences if left untreated. Yoga breathing exercises might have a beneficial effect by strengthening upper airway muscles resulting in fewer sleep disturbances observed in this population

Additionally, sleep disorders also were associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes including preeclampsia, elevated serum glucose, depression, prolonged labor, and cesarean birth.

After taking into account of other risk factors, Dr. Nodine PM, the led author said, " sleep disorders of pregnancy, elucidates their relationship with maternal and neonatal outcomes, and presents current evidence regarding diagnostic and management strategies".

Yoga is a well-tolerated and safe mode of exercise with promising in improving sleep disturbance and reduced day and night time symptoms of sleep disorders during pregnancy including excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, and waking up too early.

Taking all together, there is no doubt that chronic poor sleep during pregnancy may induce a negative outcome in both mother and newborn.

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