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Friday, August 9, 2019

Yoga, an Integrated Form of Physical Exercise in Ameliorated Psychological Health in Women with Stillbirth

Yoga may be used as an integrated form of intervention in the improved mental and physical health of women who lost their babies due to stillbirth, some studies suggested.

Stillbirth is one of the tragic events to the mother characterized by the death or loss of a baby before or during delivery.

Yoga, the ancient practice for harmonized external and internal body well beings, through breath control, meditation, bodily movement, and gesture..... has been well known for people in the Western world and some parts in Asia due to health benefits reported by various respectable institutes' research and supported by health advocates.

In the study to evaluate women in ages 19 and 45 experienced stillbirth within one year of the study, through online survey related to 1) pregnancy and family information (i.e., time since stillbirth, weight gain during pregnancy, number of other children) 2) physical activity participation, 3) depressive symptomatology, and 4) demographics, researchers found that over 88% reported of depression with score of >10 on depression scale and 23% stillbirth mothers who participated yoga practice displayed an improvement of greater than 58% in reduction in depression.

In compared to control, decreased symptoms of depression also were observed in the group engaging in yoga exercise.

The findings indicated that yoga practice may serve as a unique opportunity to help women to cope with the multiple mental sequelae after stillbirth.

Additionally, in the concern of increased risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depressive symptoms in women who experience stillbirth, researchers at the Arizona State University conducted a study to investigate whether yoga as a strategy can help to cope with PTSD symptoms of women who have experienced the death of their baby. Out of 26 women in each group completed randomly assigned to either > 3 wks of yoga, or < 3 wks of yoga) researchers found that regardless of the periods of participation, 75% of women in both groups expressed that yoga intervention was very enjoyable or enjoyable, and very helpful or helpful to cope with grief.

Truly, yoga breathing exercise-induced deep relaxation and meditation showed to induce a state of consciousness to cope with psychological stress caused by grief and unfortunate of the present event by facing the loss with the positive feelings in reduced anger and increased more compassion towards the body and mind. Physically, the mental expression in the right direction in yoga intervention eventually induced the returning of proper hormone secretion.

Karla Helbert, LPC. Therapist, Certified Yoga instructor, in the article of Yoga for Grief & Loss. recommended yoga asanas and practices for the relief and release of grief opening poses such as mountain pose, sun salutation, yogic eye movements to help to "establish a ritual and energize the body and mind", "counteract feelings of depletion and sadness" and "(encounter) processing thoughts and memories of traumatic grief".

Indeed, women in both groups of the study also indicated higher levels of satisfaction and perceptions

More importantly, the participation of 6-week and 12-month follow-up assessments among women with a history of stillbirth (N = 22) also indicated an improvement of negative psychosocial symptoms and reduced levels of perinatal grief in four of the five facets of mindfulness.

Impressively, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is an yoga intervention which has been found to exert a significant effect in increased functional self-insight and quality of life, improved emotional balance and coping with distress, induced decreased state and trait anxiety, depression total mood disturbance, particularly in restored balance between affective and sensory neural networks.

Dr. Roberts LR, the led author said after taking a second look of the results, " Yoga mindfulness was significant mental health needs,......... following a stillbirth, (as the program) successfully addressed by a promising MBI with potential scalability and sustainability"

Taking all together, yoga as a safe and low cost may be considered as an integrated form of physical and mental exercise used in conjunction with primary treatment in reduced psychological symptoms in women after having a stillbirth.

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