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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Friday, August 2, 2019

Yoga In Regulation of Glucose Metabolism

Glucose metabolism is a natural process of our body to convert carbohydrate intake into energy.

Yoga practice may have a positive and profound impact in improved glucose metabolism, thus reducing the risk of early onset of diabetes.

In a prospective, randomized, intervention controlled trial with 90 adolescents aged between 15 and 18 years who met the Rotterdam criteria for PCOS. assigned either to yoga group practiced Surya namaskar, asanas, pranayama, and meditation 1 hour per day each day for 12 weeks or practiced conventional physical exercises, researchers found that

1. Yoga intervention group expressed a similarly significant improvement in fasting insulin, fasting blood glucose compared to control and
2. In homeostasis model assessment, the yoga group showed a strong impact on insulin resistance compared to control

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) is an endocrinologic disease among reproductive-age women caused by undeveloped follicles clumping on the ovaries that interfere with the function of the normal ovaries and associate to an increased risk for metabolic disorder.

Homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) is a method used to measure the levels of insulin resistance and beta-cell function.

After taking into account of other co-founders, Dr.Nidhi R, the lead author said, "Yoga was found to be more effective than conventional physical exercises in improving glucose, lipid, and insulin values, including insulin resistance values, in adolescent girls with PCOS independent of anthropometric changes".

Interestingly, in a study to examine possible changes of brain metabolism due to Yoga meditation with PET scans performed in 8 members of a Yoga meditation group during the normal control state (C) and Yoga meditative relaxation (YMR), scientists indicated that

1. There was no change for intergroup comparison, particularly in specific focal changes or changes in the interhemispheric differences in metabolism
2. However, the ratios of frontal vs. occipital rCMRGlc were significantly elevated during YMR

PET scan used a special dye with radioactive tracers in the imaging test allows your doctor to examine a specific disease in your body.

Frontal vs. occipital rCMRGlc is one of linear ventricular measurement to evaluate the ventricular size in pediatric hydrocephalus patients for glucose metabolic rates in the brain.

Further analysis also suggested that yoga intervention may have a regional glucose metabolism through the expression of a slight increase of frontal rCMRGlc and a more pronounced reduction in primary and secondary visual centers.

More importantly, in a controlled trial within an university-affiliated hospital. 173 Chinese men and women aged 18 or above were assigned to either the yoga intervention group (n = 87) or the control group (n = 86) found that throughout analysis involving the entire study population revealed that the yoga group achieved a greater decline in fasting glucose in compared to control.

After considering other confounders in the study, researchers opinionated that A 12-week Hatha yoga intervention improved glucose and lipid metabolic risk profiles and HRQoL in Chinese adults with and without MetS.

Taking all together, Yoga may be used as a therapeutic intervention in reduced risk of abnormal glucose metabolism, thus reducing the risk of diabetes.

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