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Get Pregnant Naturally
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Overcome Infertility - The effects of HIgh levels of Follicle stimulating hormone on Fertility

Posted by Chantel Martiromo, Article by Kyle J. Norton

Fertility is a natural process to insure the survival of human species. Through natural selection, we produce many offspring when the reproductive system works at it's peak in the suitable environment with plenty foods around. On the other hand, the reductive system may completely shut down or work at it;s minimum state and we produce less offspring, when the environment is hostile including less foods around, war, epidemic, etc. But regardless any situation. most women are capable to conceive sometimes before menopause.

Follicle stimulating hormone appears early in the menstrual cycle after menstruation. As the surge of estrogen or yin energy in TCM, after the brain signalling the hypothalamus to produce Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which in turn stimulates the pituitary gland to produce FSH in The traditional Chinese medicine views high level of FSH as an indication of yin phrase defect caused by excessive imbalance of yin and yang of kidney, accumulation of dampness and liver blood and qi deficiency and it can be treated accordingly.
In conventional medicine, high FSH defines as a condition in which the follicles do not respond to the FSH that causes the pituitary gland to produce even more FSH in order to stimulate the response of ovaries in follicle production.

I. Causes of High FSH
A. Kidney yin deficiency
As the yin surge, it induces the production of FSH hormone at the easrly cycle of yin phrase. Normally, the continued surging of yin stimulates the ovarian to produce the follicle, if yin is deficiency, it can not stimulate the respond to the demand, leading to pituitary gland producing more FSH hormone.

B. Kidney yang deficiency
Although the yin phrase is yin dominant, but it needs the existence of yang to maintain the balance of the phrase. Deficiency of yang causes not enough blood to warm the uterus and ovaries, leading to prolonged yin phrase and delaying the production of follicles. In severe case, it causes high level of FSH hormone. In severe case, it causes fluid accumulated in the abdomen, interfering with normal menstrual cycle.

C. Liver qi and blood stagnation
In order to have ovaries to produce follicles during the yib phrase liver blood and qi must work to its perfection.
1. Liver qi stagnation
As we mentioned in some previous article, spleen is the organ responsible for qi and blood distribution, if the spleen is dis-harmonized due to imbalance diet and harmful lifestyle, it may interfere with the liver in moving its qi in the liver and heart channels, leading to not enough qi to stimulate the production of follicles.
2. Liver blood stagnation
If liver is damaged for what ever reason or due to deficiency of spleen's functions, it may reduce the function of blood formation and storing, leading to not enough blood to support the production of follicles from the ovaries.

II. Treatment
A. With herbs
1. Kidney yin deficiency
a) Sheng di huang (Rehmannia)
The cool herb has been used to improve function of heart, kidney and liver channels by to clearing heat, cooling blood, nourishing yin and generating fluids.

b) Gou qi ( Chinese wolfberry)
The neutral herb has been used to tonify the liver, lung, kidney by nourishing liver and kidney yin and yin cause of blood deficiency.

c) Wu wei zi (Schisandra)
The warm herb has been used in TCM in promoting the heart, kidney and lung channels by tonifying kidney yin and essence, kidney yin cause of frequent urination and generating fluids.

d) Sha shen (Glehnia root)
the cool herb has been used to enhance the lung and stomach channels by nourishing the stomach ,generating body fluids and moistening skin and skin under layer.

e) Sang ji sheng (Mulberry mistletoe stem)
the neutral herb has been used to smooth the liver and kidney channel by enhancing liver and kidney caused by yin and blood deficiency.

2. Kidney yang deficiency
a) Ba ji tian - (Morinda root and vine)
This warm herb has been used to strengthen the kidney and liver channels by enhancing kidney function, strengthening yang and promoting urinary secretion.

b) Rou gui (Cinnamon bark)
The hot herb has been used to tonify the heart, liver, kidney and kiver channels by fortifying kidney yang and warming the yang and qi caused by kidney deficiency.

c) Du zhong (Ecommia bark)
This warm herb has been used to strengthen the liver and kidney channels by tonifying liver and kidneys and promoting smooth flow of qi and blood in entire body.

d) Rou chong rong (Broomrage stem)
The warm herb has been used to promote the function of kidney and large intestine channels by tonifying the kidney and strengthen yang.

e) Bu gu zhi (Psoralea Fruit)
This hot herbs is useful in strenghtening the spleen and kidney channels by enhancing kidney, strengthen spleen and yang.

3. Liver qi stagnation
a) Bai shao (White peony)
Bai shao is a cool herb. It has been used in TCM in calming liver yang, preserving liver yin and nourishing blood.

b) Xian fu (Nutgrass)
It has neen used in promoting qi circulation in entire body by soothing and regulating the qi flow in the liver and kidney channels.

c) Xiao hu xiang (Fennel seed)
One of warm herb has been used to tonify the liver qi and warming the kidney. The herb can also be used in regulating the stomach qi.

d) Qing pi (Tangerine peel)
This herb has been useful in treating liver qi stagnation, but can not be used if the qi stagnation is caused by qi deficiency.

4. Liver blood stagnation
a) Dang gui (Chinese angelica root)
Dang gui is a warm and considered as a queen herb in TCM. It has been used to enhancing the liver channel by invigorating blood.
b) Bo he-(Mint)
This cool herb has been used to strengthen the liver channel by clearing the liver qi cause of liver blood stagnation.

c) Jiang huang (Turmeric root)
The warm herb has been used to smoothing the liver and spleen channels by promoting the movement of blood and blood invigoration.

e)Yu jin (Curcumae longae rhizoma)
This cool herb has been used to tonify the kidney and lung channels by enhancing the formation of liver blood and promoting movement of live qi.

e) E zhu (Indian arrowroot)
It enhances the lung and liver channels by breaking up blood stasis and promoting movement of liver and lung qi.

B. Acupuncture
a) Kidney yin deficiency
i) BL15 (Xinshu)
ii) BL18 (Ganshu)
iii) BL23 (Shenshu)
iv) HE7 (Shenmen)
v) KD3 (Taixi)
vi) LV3 (Taichong)
vii) SP6 (Sanyinjiao)

b) Kidney yang deficiency
i) BL23 (Shenshu)
ii) GV4 (Mingmen)
iii) GV20 (Baihui)
iv) ST 36(Zusanli)
v) CV 6 (Qihai)
vi) CV 4 (Guanyuan)
vii) CV3 (Zhongji)
viii) SP6 (Sanyinjiao)

c) Liver qi stagnation
i) BL18 (Ganshu)
ii)CV12 (Zhonguan)
iii) CV17 (Shanzhong)
iv) LR3 (Taichong)
v) SP4 (Gongsun)
vi) LV3 (Taichong)
vii) GB 34 (Yanglingquan)
viii) SP10 (Xuehai)
ix) SP6 (Sanyinjiao)

d) Liver blood stagnation
i) LV3 (Taichong)-
ii) GB 34 (Yanglingquan)
iii) UB17 (Geshu)
iv) UB18 (Ganshu)
v) SP 10 (Xuehai)
vi) SP6 (Sanyingjiao)

C. Foods
1. Kidney yin deficiency
a) String beans
c) Parsley
d) Grapes
e) Plum
f) Berries
g ) Sea salt
h) Etc.

2. Kidney yang deficiency
a) Onion
b) Radish
c) Pistachio nuts
d) Walnuts
e) Leek
f) Shrimp and lobster
g) Black pepper
h) Wheat germ
i) Etc.

3. Liver qi stagnation
a) Tofu
b) Mustard seed
c) Squash
d) Sweet potato
e) Red and black date
f) Rice
g) Caraway seed
h) Mushroom
i) Etc.

4. Liver blood stagnation
a) Leek
b) Chestnut,
c) Rosemary
d) Cayenne
e) Ginger
f) Cayenne
g) Eggplant
h) White pepper
i) Etc.

Since each woman is treated uniquely to her own entity depending to differentiation, please consult with your Chinese medicine practitioner before applying.
LV: Liver channel
GB: Gallbladder channel
UB: Bladder channel
CV: Conception vessel channel
SP: Spleen channels LI: Large intestine channel
KD: Kidney channel
GV: Governing vessel channel
TH: Triple heater channel
BL (UB) Bladder
LU: Lung channel
ST: Stomach channel
PC: Pericardium channel
HT: Heart channel
REN (CV): Conception vessel channel

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